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War Thunder

Online Historic-Combat
Windows, Mac, PS4
Nov 01, 2012
War Thunder is a massively multiplayer online combat flight simulator dedicated to World War II military aviation, armored vehicles, and fleets. Players will take part in all of the major combat battles, fighting with other players all over the world.

I just started playing this game yesterday and i have some questions. So how can everybody kill me instantly and it takes me 10 hits to kill them. And why is my gunner never shooting? I know i can change the view and when i do he just doesn't want to shoot. If i get lucky i get him to actually shoot but this has happened only 3 times. Is this just because i am low lvl or rank?

  • Feb 19, 2014, 6:23:58 PM

it depends where you hit them. If you only hit them in the wing, it won't do much, maybe give them some turning problems. Get a direct hit in the cockpit, it's effectively a 1 hit kill. Also, the gunner will only shoot targets behind you, and not every plane has one. I think almost every bomber has one, but most fighters don't. Hitting the enemy fuselage normally will start the beginnings of a eject, as they'll be set on fire, loose fuel fast, and will blow up really easily under much more stress.


Played chicken with another plane.

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British tanks are coming to War Thunder at the end of this year.

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British tanks will be coming to War Thunder towards the end of the year. Among the first will be the Churchill …

War Thunder's Producer has been fired after blackmailing a YouTuber.

War Thunder Producer Fired After Blackmailing YouTuber Into Signing Contract -
An avid War Thunder YouTuber and the producer of the game's discussion has resulted in the producer losing his …

Yes this is actually happening. Yes it's hilarious.

[Event] Unrealistic Battles
War Thunder - Next-Gen MMO Combat Game for PC, Mac and Playstation4 | Play for free now! - [Event] Unrealistic …

I may stream some war thunder later, follow me at

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That's how you AA. >=) Got my last camo for the M13 MCG that match, winter pattern. 90% of that match was in the M13, then I got spawn-camped by the entire enemy team on the other two tanks.

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Typhoon 1b

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Hurricane MkIIB

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Hellcat Mk1

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The Gladiator WINS!

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Gladiator MkII