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Warcraft 3

Windows, Mac
Jul 03, 2002
Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos is a real time strategy game with different races and heros and takes place in the fictional world of Azeroth. The gameplay features a story driven campaign as well as a multiplayer mode with a ranking system.


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Latest Changes in Patch 1.29
War III] 1.29 PTR [War III] 1.29 Map Pools & …
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Blizzard will consider Warcraft 4 and other titles if players want them enough.

Blizzard Will Consider Warcraft 4 If Players Want It Enough -
There was a rumor going around last week that Blizzard could be bringing back their old RTS games in some form …

Blizzard have stated that they could well return to the Warcraft RTS franchise at some point.

Blizzard Will Consider Warcraft RTS When Starcraft 2 Is Done -
Good news for all the Warcraft fans out there; Blizzard has revealed that its RTS team might revisit the …
  • Aug 12, 2015, 10:09:47 PM

I'd love a new Warcraft RTS. I've long felt that the RTS did so much more with the characters and setting than the MMO, where they basically just lined up their major villains to be killed off one by one as raid bosses.


I still play this after 12 years.... Oh man.... so good :3


This may be a bit off topic for the normal discussion here, but does anyone else think that Blizzard should make another Warcraft game? I think that it is long overdue, and that new map editor with more features would make for some awesome creations. Every time I think of this though, I remember the end of Frozen throne, where Arthus becomes the Lich King. Is there a way the story could even continue? Maybe continue from the WoW story where Arthus dies(haven't played WoW, but that's what i heard).


Anyway, I'd like to hear more ideas/opinions about this. Have a nice day.


loool xD


Ability created by Garfield1337

You can get it from:

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Warcraft 3 Avatar of Ice Part 1
wc3 custom campaign Avatar of Ice
Alphcarus Warcraft 3 Avatar of ice custom campaign part 1


Hey Dota fans. Patch 6.79 has arrived to Warcraft III. ; )

Official DotA Downloads

Let me show you something from my old World Editor folder, made years ago. I actually plan to install it again and do some more projects if I find some time. What do you think about this one? ^^

A Tribute to DotA (& War3) - LotR; Opening Scene
I've been working in the Warcraft 3 editor since it has been published. I though I could show you some of my …
Stehlify streaming some morning games for you (:


Please Support My Map

Tom and Jerry 2013 v6.48d - Warcraft 3 Maps - Epic
Category: Mini-Game/Sports Tileset: Northrend Dimensions: 96x96 Playable Area: 96x80 Recommended Players: 2v4 …

looking for some people to play WC3 this weekend. anyone up for some nice RPGs?