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World of Tanks

Online Shooter
Oct 30, 2010
World of Tanks is a multiplayer online game in which the player can control different vehicles to fight in random battles, team-training battles, tank-company battles, and clan battles. The basic mode of the game is team deathmatch / capture the flag.


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Friend Predicted My Death -.-

#Worldoftanks #WoT #WoTBlitz

WoT 1 Shot Fail.....
My friend swiftshift Predicted my Death I Hate Artillery!! :( Just a Fail Video Hope Everyone Enjoys It :) …

Update 9.15 bring a lot of new UI changes, and 25x zoom. That's about all I used mods for so yay more fps!

Update 9.15 Brings Major UI Changes!
Škoda T 40 Penetration of the Vz. 39N OPG shell for the 8,8 cm vz. 37N gun changed from 132 mm to 145 mm. …

You know, on one hand I really hate it when World of Tanks players whine and moan about SPG players. They're more a cancer than the "sky cancer" they whine about. On the other hand I get it. My FV304 just 2 shotted a Rhm.B hiding behind a rock (normally a safe place) because the Bert's angle of fire is just stupidly good. I followed this up by hitting the enemy french artillery, while he was moving, and killing him.


Look if you're gonna sit in the same spot, I'mma hit you. Oh I'm also pretty good at leading targets that are driving a straight line.


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At long last, World of Tanks is launching for PS4 on January 19th!

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Dan took a look at the World of Tanks PlayStation 4 Beta this weekend.

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The PS4 Open Beta for World of Tanks is now live, but only for this weekend!

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A new game mode and more comes to World of Tanks today as Update 9.12 goes live.

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Wargaming's Continental Rumble has a $100,000 prize pool up for grabs!

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World of Tanks is coming to the PlayStation 4 with console exclusives!

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Wargaming introduces a revamped Global Map to World of Tanks.

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