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World of Warcraft

Windows, Mac
Nov 23, 2004
ESRB T | PEGI 12 | USK 12
World of Warcraft is a MMORPG which takes place in Azeroth. The gameplay is based on different classes and races, completing quests, exploration, fighting various monsters and bosses in instances and playing against other players in PvP battles.
Just a group gamers doing what we do best. The Insane Gaming Community!!!
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A group of Casual gamers in a group I formed and aim to make this channel a launching platform for all other gamers to get going to bigger and better things but I need to get there first my self! So come and join us its gonna be a lot of fun!
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We are the Smiley-Team or Smiley-Clan from Germany and we play a couple of games. Most time we suck hard xD but always keep smiling :) so follow us and laugh about our fails ;)
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Welcome! We are Team-Vario, we are mostly a League-of-Legends based team, But we do play other game such as Starcraft 2, Minecraft, Cube World, EveOnline, WoW, Dota-II and World of Tanks.
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Y'all niggas jelly of us not beeing jews.
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