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World of Warcraft

Windows, Mac
Nov 23, 2004
ESRB T | PEGI 12 | USK 12
World of Warcraft is a MMORPG which takes place in Azeroth. The gameplay is based on different classes and races, completing quests, exploration, fighting various monsters and bosses in instances and playing against other players in PvP battles.
Whitestar is a community mostly based in World of Warcraft. We consider ourselves a social guild but don't shy away from (heroic) raiding.
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This is a group for all the Anook users that are active on Twitch.Submit your stream and see if people like your content and if you are lucky they might follow you.Let's bring all the Twitch streamers together in one group!
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The world's best multi-gaming community!!! HYPE HYPE HYPE! (Apply for membership by clicking the link on the left under 'Good Looking Gamers')
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Groups of adult gamers committed to coordinating our gaming experiences.
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Here to bring you and your friends great coverage on recent gaming news, game and movie reviews, lore and much more! Created by @Batback and Managed by @Harris.Erickson! Check us out and follow if you'd like. Nook was revised on 6/10/2014. -Bye!!
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A Podcast by @Esmeralda_Sky and @Jaygurrl that focuses on Blizzard Games and whatever else they want to talk about! You can find the Show at ! You can subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, Player FM, and more! Make your self at home!
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The Home of the Viking Nation on
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Community founded in 2001. 33 games, over 2500 members from all over the world. Come for the gaming, stay for the family atmosphere.
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This is a gaming Community and all gamer's are welcome. You can post you youtube videos here as well your live steam.. We can get together and play videos games or just game talk it don't matter what game you play. From xbox to ps4, Pc or mac, All gamer's
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Welp, This is a page where all my lil kins can join and talk and stuffs. Don't be disrespectful to each other... Nobody likes that shit.
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Sanctuary [Odin EU] is a close knit community of players formed through friendship and former guild association. This is a very new endeavour, as such there are currently few online, however, we are hoping to grow steadily to build a very relaxing and pea
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The Internet doesn’t need another Gaming Network. TGN’s about Gamers. We’re slapping a new face on the industry - Yours. This team is all about finding badass TGN partner streams, and showcasing them for the world to see. Join the TGN Army now!
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LGBT Gamers: share your games, guilds, experiences, etc..
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Pigs of War is a gaming community involved in many different games with it's members. The Group started as a clan in 98 for Team Fortress classic and has continued over the years through MMO's / ARPG's / MOBAS and FPS Titles.We welcome All to our Home.
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