To celebrate World of Warcraft: Legion launching at midnight on the 30th of August, Whitestar WoW is organizing several events to prepare you for the coming onslaught! Renew your subs, update your addons, sharpen your blades and make sure you have enough mana because The Burning Legion is returning!

On Wednesday the 10th the Tomb of Sargeras on the Broken Isles will be opened and after ten thousand years the Legion will return to Azeroth. And they mean business this time! Invasions will start occurring in specific zones all over the world and with them come the spoils of battle.
Be part of Whitestar's Fel Hunters, the Alliance's foremost demonslaying group as we travel from hotspot to hotspot in search of glory, honor and phat lewt! Rewards include:

  • an event exclusive toy
  • a Fel Bat Pup battlepet
  • a limited time available Fel-themed transmog set for each armor type and matching weapons
  • ilvl 700 gear and 725 weapons for those catching up with gearing
  • and of course achievements for those that believe keeping the Demons at bay is worth at least 10 points.
  • Oh and also Demon Hunters!

On Friday the 12th Whitestar is going back in time to a few years ago when things were more.. tranquil. We'll be gathering as many people as we can to get 'attuned' for next week's event by stomping all over the normal versions of Tier 14 and 15 raids (Terrace of Endless Spring, Mogu'shan Vaults, Heart of Fear and Throne of Thunder). There we hope to collect, of course, many cool transmogs, pets, mounts, achievements and most importantly a good time.

On Thursday the 18th we'll kick it up a notch and revisit last week's raids on Heroic in order to claim the Guild Glory of the Pandaria Raider achievement to unlock the sexy Thundering Jade Cloud Serpent for our guild collection. Doing this requires you having cleared at least the normal version of the three Tier 14 raids so make sure you have (by joining the previous event!). Afterwards we'll pay the Thunder King another visit on maximum difficulty and maybe even the Heroic only boss Ra-Den. All the lores!

On Tuesday the 23rd we have Siege of Orgrimmar on the schedule due to frequent (and *cough* stubborn) requests. Join us in beating Garrosh's smug face in and making fun of Horde architecture in the process. Difficulty will depend on the amount of signs so the more people YOU can convince to join, the more awesome your transmog sets/achievements will be!

And finally, on Monday the 29th, in the evening preceding the Legion midnight launch, Whitestar will gather at a place to be revealed later for an event that won't be spoiled yet to say goodbye to Warlords of Draenor and rally the troops for a direct frontal assault on the Broken Isles! RP will be had and tears will flow. Maybe because WoD is actually over but mostly because we'll finally have new content.. I hope to see many of you there!

Savian, guildmaster of the Whitestar WoW guild.