So tonight on Monday Night Raw we finally had a situation in the Divas division that would specify a #1 contender and Nikki Bella's opponent for Night of Champions. To determine who it is, each member of Team PCB will fight in a "Beat the Clock" match. Lowest time of victory fights Nikki.


First off, why Team PCB? Sure Stephanie said "to the winner goes the spoils" about the match they won at SummerSlam, and this can be considered the spoils, for sure. The timing of it is a bit awkward though as this is the SECOND Raw after SummerSlam. The Bella's beat Team PCB last week on the Raw AFTER SummerSlam. So why does this week get to be the night the spoils are rewarded? Do we disregard Team B.A.D. altogether then? I mean Sasha BEAT Nikki 3 weeks ago. BEAT HER! One on one. That match seems like it was linked to Hulk Hogan and that coward we dare not name from Canada, because it is erased from the WWE record books! They never mention it, and it meant nothing. Meanwhile, The Dudley Boys beat The New Day in a non-title match tonight. Who wants to bet the result is they get a title match at Night of Champions?

Now if we are basing their opportunity here on their win at SummerSlam, fine. I will just have to get over the fact WWE booking made them lose to Team Bella a day after winning that match, and then let them have their reward this week. With this all said, why a "Beat the Clock" challenge?

Having a "Beat the Clock" challenge undoes the #GiveDivasAChance movement as their total time allotted to the program went back to what was considered the "norm" 2 months ago. Sure they got 3 segments, but the time of the MATCHES, and this is what we care about as fans of the "Revolution", were under 7 minutes total! 7 MINUTES! Ziggler naked, and the aftermath of that "scandal" got more time dedicated to this... AND THERE ISN'T EVEN A TITLE ON THE LINE! Or a declared "Revolution" in his story line. Why promote something, pump it up, make it seem important in speeches, only to disregard every aspect of it inside the ropes?

The worst part about the "Beat the Clock" challenge (aside from not seeing a proper Paige vs. Sasha Banks match)... They didn't even hint or tease about a breakup, or heel turn within the group. This, in itself, is fine. I just keep asking myself, if this team is not splitting up, and there is no visual jealousy or animosity between members, why could they have not just fought in a three-way match to determine who faces Nikki?

With a three-way match you have a handful of opportunities to sell the story. On one side you have Nikki & Team Bella trying to cause friction in the ranks by needling each girl, possibly in a backstage segment like they did on SmackDown, trying to get in their heads. On the other side, you have the three members of Team PCB physically determine who is the best out of all of them based on who wins. Now you can properly build your jealousy angles and potential backstabbing moments. Or at the very least, you have a credible #1 contender. One woman beat the other two in the ring for the right. NOT one woman beat her opponent the fastest, with every woman fighting someone of different skill levels.

Sports-wise, one scenario is legitimate while the other is based on hitting random on the Madden Football team select screen, and then placing the winner of that random game into the Super Bowl.

So once again we have a Monday Night Raw that lowered the stock in The Divas Revolution, at least in my eyes. We were given a clear #1 contender, in gimmick matches that did NOTHING to showcase the talents of these women, or progress the "Revolution" story line any further than it actually has been. Perhaps moving on we will start to see the jealousy and animosity of those divas who are not being showcased. But like I said, if none of that is happening right now, why couldn't there have been a good three-way match between the members of Team PCB instead? The girls could of looked good, Charlotte could of still went over, and here is the shocker, the fans could of been entertained thus raising the stock in the Diva's Revolution.

Agree? Disagree? Want to discuss anything else about hours #8-10 of SummerSlam... I mean Monday Night Raw?

Angry Larry