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Male, 22 years old, lives in Springfield Missouri, United States

Alien Isolation Review- The most intense crouch-walking EVER.

Hey gals and guys it's GamerAssassin here to do another review, this time of Sega's Alien Isolation. Now just as last time, I know this game isn't brand new, it come out in October of 2014 I believe, but I for some strange reason felt the need to talk about it some....and maybe poke it with a stick, we'll see what happens.

WARNING: Never poke a Xenomorph with a stick. May cause permanent injury or even death. Most likely death. Lot's of death.

I'll start off with the positives, and the first and foremost is obvious to me. Holy crap, we FINALLY got a good Alien game. Fuckin' finally. We had to suffer through "Colonial Marines" to get to this shit, we FINALLY got one that's worth anything. So round of applause to The Creative Assembly and Sega, they did good.

Now the title may seem like I hated it, but I promise you that's just because I'm a smartass and can't help myself, it's a problem. But there honestly were a lot of positive aspects to this game that really made me enjoy it.

Number one being, Hot damn this game is all kinds of gorgeous! I played this on the PS4 so I got no idea what it looks like on last gen, but it is just the kind of beautiful that haunts you throughout the entire game. The moment you stop thinking "Wow, this is really good looking!" they throw something at you to remind you how damned impressive the graphics are. From the space-station Sevastopol to the Alien it's self, this game never let's up on the "Ooo so shiny." factor.

And part of what plays on that is the fact that this game feels like it was ripped straight out of the original Alien movie. That was another thing I thought through all twenty hours of playing this game. The graphics really added to it, but even if it had run on a lower end engine, the fact that they put so much detail into making this game FEEL like an Alien movie wouldn't go unnoticed. Everything felt absurdly 80's and absurdly Alien. From the booting up of every computer terminal to the hack module's to even the insanely awesome and orgasmic sci-fi aspects, it felt like Ridley Scott come along and took over as creative director of the game. Even the freaking NAMES of the characters sounded like they came from that universe. So another round of applause for making this the most Alien feeling Alien game ever created.

Now to the main course, the one selling point of this game, the one thing I couldn't wait to see then immediately regretted life upon seeing....the Xenomorph. It takes...I would guess maybe and hour and thirty minuets or two hours for it to show up, but when it does and in the fashion in which it does makes you stop and go "Oh god....I'm so boned." Because you are! You're sooooooooo screwed when the Alien is near. For more then half the game, you have no means of scaring the creature off (via Flamethrower), so you have to hide and find ways to distract it. Is this as intense as it sounds? You bet your sweet buns it is!

Outlast had me running for lockers and under beds, this game had me running for lockers, in vents, under tables and beds, and in the smallest damn storage compartments I could cram Ripley Jr. into. I did everything I possibly could in my power to keep myself alive and not a alien snack. Even running threw a crowed of people and letting the Alien nibble on someone else's giblets. Because I knew, every moment I was crawling through a level with an Alien, my life was at risk.

The Alien is insanely well designed, from it's mile long tail to to the amount of slobber that pours from it's mouth, they nailed every aspect of the Alien. And it's smart. It's possibly the smartest enemy A.I. I've ever had the displeasure of running across in a game. The very first moment you see it, you instantly become paranoid that it pull a Liam Neeson and find your ass and kill you. And it will, oooooh it will. The paranoia is with good reason! Every moment that thing is around, the awesome and intense orchestra kicks in and the intense rating get's jacked to eleven. The orchestra is like the Alien, and holds nothing back.

Crawling around in a hospital looking for supplies, the Alien knocks down a ceiling grate in-front of me, and the lights begin to flicker. The music kicks in with some insanely foreboding tuba's, I take cover under a bed, and the Alien slowly crawls out of the vent under the flickering lights and stands up. He's three times taller then Ripley Jr., lanky and just generally creepy as hell. That's just give you an idea of the second time you meet him, I believe.

You will have to deal with other people in the game, they will needlessly try to kill you and succeed a few times because this game can be dickishly hard. No pun intended. The music, the alien, the setting, and everyone's favorite Androids. The other creep factor. They're...just so inhumanly human. They're almost more disturbing then the damn alien, at-least to look at. In the beginning, they are the up most creepiest thing and the Alien is just flat-out terrifying. But that's in the beginning.

Here's where the negative's come in, everybody. Prepare for it, because it does drop the score in my opinion.

In the beginning, the androids are creepy as shit and the Alien is paralyzingly terrifying. But as the game progresses, the androids just get flat out annoying. You're trying to do something and one of them keeps hitting you or trying to choke you out. They roam the halls like a creepy lost puppy, endlessly repeating their Working Joe catchphrases and generally annoy the shit out of you. You're given a revolver and a shotgun-- and later a bolt gun which one shots them-- to kill them but rarely get to use it because the moment you open fire all hell breaks out. Because the Alien hears you. Oh yes, he hears your damned THOUGHTS.

You can't walk. You can't run. Well you can, but you'll die. All you can do is slowly....agonizingly slowly....crouch walk. Because he can't hear that.....sometimes. But the moment you stand up and take one step, it's like you just blew a damned air-horn. He doesn't come charging at you from three hundred feet away (Not that you EVER have that much space to work with) but he will jump into a vent, crawl over to a vent near you, jump out and proceed to hunt and kill you. So crouch-walking becomes your slow, oh so slow, friend.

The Alien never really stops being intense, but after a while that's all he remains as. Intense. Because you do get a flame thrower, and it does scare him off. You get limited ammo and it's hard to come buy, but I managed to stretch mine out for a LONG time in the game. But it doesn't scare him off for a few minuets. Only for a few seconds, enough time to get you away from there and into hiding. He does manage to jump-scare me a few times, two or three of those are indeed scripted moments, but it still happens. So it's still scary, just not as scary.

Part of this is due to the length of the game. It's the Amnesia: Dark Decent. effect. The longer the monster is there, the more you get used to and after a while it's just like "Jesus, would you just go away already!" Except he doesn't despawn and he doesn't go away and you can't kill him. So, fun times crawling your ass from point A to point B.

That's the other issue in the game, though. Point A and point B are rarely ever that freaking simple. If it is "simple" then point B is all the way across the map from your point A. Which happens in this game A LOT. Like no exaggeration here, they make you crawl from one end of the map to the other dozens of times. And that's IF you don't get killed by the Alien and have to do it all over again. From a further starting point because save stations are just a damned poorly written joke in this game.

There's area's that flat out don't have save stations. Or when they do, they're a ways away from where you need to be going. But you have to get that save, or you'll be doing all of this ALL over again. And when there's no alien and no need for a save station? You get five in one freakin' map. That's not even bullshit, there was three or four save stations in one area of the game that had NO Alien. But the next area that did? One. One save station.

So between crawling from one end of the map to the other, and having to crawl off away from your designated point to hit up a save station, you have to worry about The Alien. About following a set route and--oh would you look at that--that door is locked. Or busted. There's one area in the game, early on, where you have to crawl to point B which is across the entire length of the map. And once you get there? The doors busted, it won't open, find another way to leave....yup....the game does that to you several times. Another area, near the end of the game, requires you to walk down the longest, most narrow hallway EVER to start up a generator, all while the Alien is coming after you. Not bad enough? If you don't get killed restarting the damned thing, you get to crawl all the way back to that door that needed opened. Not bad enough for you? Once you get to that door, the fuckin' generator dies and you have to crawl AAAAAAAAALL the way back to the generator, restart it, and crawl back AGAIN to the door. All while the alien is just running around looking for ways to kill you and everything you love.

So yeah, there are complete bullshit moments in this game, and the pacing is horrendously slow. If you're going to make us crawl for the entire game, at-least make the crawling faster. Please, for all our sakes. For our sanity. Other minor complaints are: The motion tracker can bug out sometimes and completely stop showing you enemies locations (this got me killed at-least twice), the character animations are stiffer then a Viagra educed woody, and the cutscene's lag. Not hard, but enough to make you want them to end as fast as possible.

I may be critical on this game, like I am all game's, but that's because it's my job. I give you my money in exchange for digital entertainment, I expect to be entertained. And even though this crawling simulator does have really low points, it's intensity and graphical impression never wavers, even if the fear factor does. I did enjoy this game, enough to where the next time I see it on sale on steam I'm going to purchase it.

I give it a 7.5 out of 10. If you have the ability, rent it, if you don't and see it on sale for thirty bucks or less, grab it. I've heard they released DLC for it that adds more storyline as well.

That's going to do it for me on this review, gals and guys, I hope I shed some light on the game's ups and downs, and hopefully didn't piss anyone off in the process. I hope you enjoyed it, if you did hit the favorite button to make all your wildest dreams come true!....or mine, either way. Thank you all so much for reading, I hope everyone has a GREAT day, and I'll see you next time.


So sad to hear about Satoru Iwata passing. He was the head of a pivotal part of my childhood, and without his leadership I would know much less joy in the gaming world. R.I.P.

Dragon's Dogma review.

Hey everyone, It's GamerAssassin here for what I think is my first review on this particular sight. If you read the title, you know the game is Dragon's Dogma. I know the game is last generation, it's a bit older, and everyone and there grandma has probably played it. But I just got around to playing it for the first time, and with the news they're remastering it for current gen, I figured now was the perfect time to write my review. So let's get to it.

Firstly, the game is solid. I'm a critic and will really tear into things, so I will do that here. But I want to state for the record that this game is solid. It's got great aspects. I'll start with the Pawns, which are AI controlled team-members you travel with. I'm wary of AI since Resident Evil 5 first come out, I don't trust it to carry weight in a RPG like this. But I was wrong, because this is some of the smartest AI I think I've ever seen. You're given a main-pawn, who you can create like your own character. He or she will accompany you on your many travels. And you're granted two other pawns. The pawns wont let you fight alone, they wont hang in the back and let you carry the weight of the battle alone. They're right beside you in the fray through it all, and they're invaluable, because this game would be downright impossible without them. They call out enemy weaknesses, attack weak points, scale large enemies to either distract them or get to a position were they can deal the most damage. They're smart to say the least. Only complaint I can say is that I had no control at all over them, so if I was cursed and wanted my main--who was a mage-- to cast a spell on me that removed said curse, I couldn't. I suffered it until I took enough damage her code was triggered. Minor complain as they really are the shinning part of this game.

I played an Assassin class character--shocking, right?-- so I had either a set of daggers or a sword and a bow. And with those daggers, the combat was as fluid as a flowing river. I was a little whirlwind of hate and death as I moved through the battlefield, and I loved it. I don't know if any other the classes play like that, but mine did, and I loved it. And on a side note that I really like about it, is the battles with large enemies. My favorite was Chimera's as they were essentially three enemies in one, and took a bit of strategy. And the last battle with the Dragon is epic, just flat out epic. That was a dragon battle well done, mostly well done for last gen Capcom but it was well done none the less.

Another plus is the fairly large world. People who say it's 'huge' are exaggerating, it's decently large. You're given a large map but you only span maybe a sprawled out quarter of that. It's not very varied, forests and cliffs and valley's, some caves and ruins. Nothing of absolute substance that took me back and made me think; "Holy damn, that's beautiful." But it was okay. However, this also leads me into the negative's of Dogma.

You may have heard that this game is massive and sprawling and gives you a virtual shit-ton to do and will take you a solid month or two, on and off, to complete. Something like that, right? Well guys and gals, we were flat out lied to. For one, the game is decent sized. Decent. Not huge and sprawling. Not varied and stunning. Decent.
The dozens upon dozens of quests are basically either escort quests, where you have to escort a usually totally incompetent civilian to a destination that's a usually half way across the entire map. The other half are kill/fetch quests. "Kill 25 snakes.", "Kill 100 bats", "Kill 4 Chimera.", "Find 50 war bugles." they're simple little things. There is about ten percent of the side quests that are actually doing something. But that's a small margin when all the other quests are like those I mentioned.

Now to the main, glaring flaw of this game. "Hours and hours of entertainment" is right. To a point. I don't know how many hours I put into this game, but more then half of it was walking. There's no fast travel, aside from purchasing stones that run from 20K to 50K gold a piece to take you to one of two destinations. There's no mounts, and your sprint is limited as hell and takes forever to recharge. I played this game eight hours one time. Eight. And I only got three missions done. Why so few? Because every mission you take practically requires you to go across the entire map then back again. That wouldn't be a problem if I had a mount or something, but when I'm walking so slow my grandma could beat me I get a little fed up. It would even help if Gran Soren was in the dead middle of the map, but no. No, it's about a days walk away from your starting town. To get to the last mission? To go from Gran Soren to this keep I had to enter to get to the Dragon? It took me two and a half in-game day's, and I left at the very break of dawn. Two and a bloody half. And you have no idea how much it sucks to walk and fight in complete darkness with only about two feet of light from your lantern. If you don't plan your entire life right in this game, a short trip turns into a fight for your life trying to get to safety when darkness comes. Stumbling around and hoping to god your pawns don't run into something you can't fight or stepping wrong and falling to their deaths. The majority of this game is walking, slowly, painfully, walking. And god this game loves running you from point A to point B and back to point A. And point B is half way across the freakin' world.

Another gripe is substance issues. In everything, it's a problem. I'm studying to be a graphic designer, so this is even more a problem to me. The world has no real variety, it only looks a little different and get's a little harder in spots. I was impressed in one spot when they introduced a wind mechanic that pushed me and my pawns around if we were standing still. (Also slowed us down when walking and running, yaaaaaay walking.) But that's it. Mountains, forests, caves, ruins, a valley, some forts and two cities. That's it, that's all you get. It's all a colorless mesh of the same thing. And that's just in the world.
As I stated before, I played a rogue type character, and my pawn was a mage. I felt like I was wearing the same armor and using the same weapons from the start of the game to the end of it. Even though I seriously spent millions of gold on armor and weapons and upgrades. There was no substance, it was all flat, muddy textures and all felt the same. Also, near the beginning of the game, I found a set of mage robes. Set of Salvation Robes, they were called. They were decent, so I equipped my mage with them. They were ugly as sin, but that's the price to pay. And she legitimately wore those robes for the entire game. The entire game. I never once found anything at all better then those ugly ass robes, so she walked around the entire game looking like a half retarded Nazgul from Lord of The Rings. Even after the game ended, I went to the vendor and checked his new stock of incredible items. And there was NOTHING even close to as good as those ugly robes! I got cheated, I feel like a father who's kid was put in the back-row with her face covered in a play and had no lines.

The story was okay, a little weird to say the least but okay. I wanted to see the story out, even though the game was wearing on me fast and hard. That dragon was going to die by my blade. And--SPOILER!!!-- He did....and the game continued. I was so happy because that fight was so long and fairly tough, but epic none the less. I was stoked, I did it, roll the credits! My Arisen is going to retire and live out his days with the dutchess that I stole from the Duke (I'm serious) and my Nazgul pawn. Even looking forward to some little Arisen babies! But, the game kept going...and going....and going. And I spent another five hours finishing a completely pointless post-game sequence.

"Hey, let's open the world up for the player and give him some new stuff and area's, a NG+ even! Let's welcome him back and make him satisfied." Said no one in Capcom ever. I was forced to walk to the capital and witness everything unfolding. I had to deal with weird, pointless consequences, and was made to endure a never ending dungeon. Literally. And it was not fun, at all. It was a chore and it was pointless, that game should have ended when I killed the dragon, got my girl, and was ready to lay down the sword.
But no. I fought through a never ending dungeon, collecting shards. I needed twenty, and sweet Jesus they were not willing to give them up. Each area I visited had one at best. I lost a pawn, he just flat out died and I had to spend a thousand soul points to recruit some random one I found wondering the halls.
See, you're forced to fall into a never ending pit and grab ledges to explore that area and get your shards. When done, you leave, jump in the pit again, and repeat in a new but exactly identical area. That's not at all pointless and tedious, right!? In one area that I caught, I had to fight off some hentai tentacles shooting out of the ground, snatchin' up my wife, my kids, and my husband because they were snatchin' up all my people. I fought through that and goblins that were for some reason get to what I assumed was another shard. And ooooooh how I was wrong.
I spent fifteen minuets carving my way to locked door to locked door, thinking they were going to just lead me down a specific path. Fifteen minuets I dredged through, and got to the final door in the very back....and it was gated and locked and there was no way through it. I literally stood there for a moment as my mind tried to process and reason. "Oh Surely there's a lever somewhere! A button or....something...." But no. There was nothing. And I had to walk another fifteen minuets back and chop my way through infinite re-spawning tentacles, leave the area, jump down the hole, and hope the random but exactly identical area I grabbed next was better. (I got one shard from the next area, by the way.)

I wont spoil anymore for you in-case your waiting for the remaster or are going to play this game sometime in the future. Like I said, I rant a lot but I'm speaking my opinion of the game. And honestly? I'd recommend pretty much every fantasy game I can think of before I tell you this one is the bees-knees. Now I didn't play Dark Arisen, but my friend did. And he told me he never finished it because it just dragged out so long. Take it as you will.
The game is decent, but it has glaring flaw's and pointless mechanics and times. It's really up to you if you want to play it or not. Because all in all this is just my opinion.

I give it a 6.5 out of 10. It's a take it or leave it game, and for me I'll leave it.

That's gonna do it for this review, leave a comment telling me what you thought of the game if you played it. As always, I am GamerAssassin. I'll catch you gamers later.

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Call of Duty and how it can change for the better.

Hello everybody, how's it going!? My name's GamerAssassin and we're here this time to talk about one of the biggest franchises in the gaming industry. Love it or hate it, you can't deny it's presence on the industry. I'm of course talking about Call of Duty.
Now, just the tittle CoD brings a lot of mixed feelings. Some feel like they are milking the holy Christmas out of the series and, lets admit it, they kinda are. And other's are the ones you find running around maps with golden plated guns shouting profanity towards ones mother at other players. But how did it become this? How did it become an over-used staple in the community with possible the most horrid online play in any FPS shooter? And how can it be fixed?

Well the why is pretty simple, you release a game or two every year and cram them with free DLC like stuffing the stuffing into a Thanksgiving bird. Me personally, I buy a CoD every four years or so, though I may rent them. And when I do buy them, It's the GOTY edition so I can get everything.
The series started in 2003, and has sense then went on to do really cool things, and really effing bad things. We've been to World War 1, World War 2, Vietnam, Iraq, and wars that have never even been waged yet. And most of them fun, to be honest. But right around Modern Warfare 3, things began to go downhill. Which all lead to Ghosts, the game people claim is the bottom of the barrel.

But why the hell has it come to this? Well, pretty simply, they lack vision. The multiplayer is based around the campaign mostly, using the weapons and gadgets from it as well as some of the maps. So to fix the multiplayer you'd have to start at the campaign, probably the most under-used part of any COD game, and it's a shame because almost all the stories have been decent.
I have to give it to Advanced Warfare, they put a LOT into the story, or so I've heard. And from what I can see they tried new things. And that's good, that's the first step to fixing what's wrong! But In my honest opinion, they need to thing further. One trend I've noticed in CoD is....drum-roll....America.

Yeah, I said it, America. I'm American, proud of it, but these games have gone from World War 2, a genre I respect to no end as my Grandpa served in the navy, to "'MERICA! F**K YEAH!" and have explosions in the background with fireworks of red white and blue above as jets painted like eagles fly overhead and monster-trucks carrying nothing but stakes and whiskey drive around in the background.
I don't mind playing as a soldier for my home country, it's about as natural to me as playing the game. But honestly they need to try and move out of that shadow. "BUT 'MERICA!" yes I know, but they have plenty of options.

Probably their best bet is the Australian Special Forces or anything to do with Britain. In the Modern Warfare series, you play a British Soldier and it worked really well. But either way they need to take you out of the role of an American badass, because we're not the only ones. Australia is our cousin more or less and they can lay down the hurt just as well as us. Britain is Britain, for the love of god they ruled the world at one point.
Put me in the shoes of one of those guys! There's so much they can do with a different military and a different setting. You start there and you move onto other's if need be. Russian Spetsnaz come to mine.

As for multiplayer, I'd rather shoot my self in the foot then ever play online CoD again. I played Black Ops 2 for about four days as part of a free trial on Steam on my old account, and it was the most miserable four days of my life. Now keep in mind. I'm a 'World of Warcraft veteran', I played that game from 'Burning Crusade' right up 'till Mists of Panderia. Maxed characters and ran raids with the big boys, wearing them big boy pants and using them big boy words. (By that I mean there was a lot of dick measuring and they cursed a lot.) And I've ran a couple hundred hours of 'Warframe', and 'The Elder Scrolls online' and several meh F2P games. I've seen some pretty bad crap in my gaming time online. But CoD trumps them ALL.

It was like being promised you're going into a prestige school, only to open the door and step in to find it was a preschool that had no teachers and fed their children red-bull. Eight year old's screaming in our ears about how big faggots we are and he's going to enjoy anal raping our mothers. THAT was almost every moment of my four day experience. It was the prime example of why I don't play FPS' online. The three moments that stood out are when I won some match, when the girl on our team got called the C word and proceeded to one shot the opposing team with a shotgun, and when the trial ended and I no longer felt obligated to play that damn thing.

So what can be done to fix it?.... Purge it. I mean burn the servers to the ground and piss on the ashes. Unless you can find a way to simultaneously stop hackers from getting eight billion level prestige or whatever, stop children from ruining the experience of others, and actually make it fun and interesting to play, then you're boned. I don't know what to do for you to make that seven tier hell enjoyable.

CoD has had it's ups and downs, but it's unmistakably a huge part of gaming. For better or worst. There's a lot they can do to make it better though, and I so hope they do. But that's all the time I got for today, thank you kindly for reading this 'lil 'ole article of mine! As always I'm GamerAssassin, bringing you the permitted truth. If you have any idea's on how to make CoD better all around, please write in the comments below.

Until next time! Peace!

Road to E3 2014 (Post 3)

I have returned! Do you hear the trumpets of angels as I descend? That's just the God of War soundtrack played over my car stereo, but it was a good added affect! What's up ya'll, GamerAssassin here to give you your daily rundown on all things E3 2014. Today were going to disclose some rumors, talk Half-Life, and speculate a little. So without further introduction, let's get this shindig started!

BETHESDA- so first up we have news from Bethesda, creator's of the Fallout 3 and Elder Scrolls series, kind of the champions of the gaming world. You want emersive game play? You want vivid worlds? Decent story lines and characters? You want actual, honest to god FUN game-play? You go to Bethesda. Got you hyped up!? I'm Sorry! Yeah...I'm sorry. Their not...announcing Fallout at E3. This finally comes after we the people bugged the holy hell out of Pete Hines for like a month and a half straight. We started petitions, we flooded his inbox, we tweeted the crap out of him, we get the cold shoulder. FINALLY they come forward, with a rather pissy Pete Hines, and tell us "We will not be announcing anything new for quite some time. Be patient." I say Pete Hines was pissy because, well, he was. He got on twitter and sent some rather stupid tweets about fans bugging him. I-It literally looks like he's lost his mind. There's the link to the tweets, you tell me if he's in the right. Either way, Bethesda said no Fallout 4 at E3. So year...same crap.

VALVE-NO there is no Half-Life 3 going to show up at E3, don't even think that, it hurts to much. Why am I bringing Valve up at all, then? Because their making Half-Life 3. We just don't know when it'll come out. Hey, this is more information on that game then we've had in a decade! I doubted it was even being made, but I was wrong. We're not going to see it at this years E3, they already made the hilariously and painfully clear. But it is being made, so *Crosses fingers.* Next gen is looking oh so good.

EA- Electronic arts will be announcing five new games at this year's E3. Lawd have mercy, EA! Making me all flustered and stuff! But seriously, whatever that five might be it's going to be interesting. I'm just gonna maybe address one of the five: Mass Effect 4. You know it's real, you know it's happening, it's been in development sense late 2012, it's literally half way complete. This E3 is the year. I want to believe!

Aaaaaand finally, rumors are going around that we're gonna see a new God of War for the PS4 at E3. I think it's a smart idea, I really do. But that's what I have for you today, folks! Remember, June 9th, it begins. And I will be seeing you there! GamerAssassin, signing out.

Road to E3 2014 (Post 2)

Aaaand welcome back, or just welcome if your new to my little humble abode. So this is the second post of the Road to E3, and we're gonna touch on a little bit of news and talk about who's going to show up at E3, because of Gamespot I have a little bit of news here about all the companies that are going to show there good's off. But let's start off with that news, shall we?

That being said it's pretty practical news, anyone with a grasp of the market saw this coming. No I'm not talking about Nintendo shutting down, because amazingly they're still alive! No, I'm talking about the announcement of both Far Cry 4 and Halo 5: Guardians.

First up, Halo 5: Guardians. So we all saw the Halo trailer last year at E3 which had a "Mysterious" cloaked figure walking through the desert, revealed to be master Chief once he encountered a massive bird-bot from hell. Yeah, that was last year. So Microsoft and 343 studio's literally announced the same game twice, last year and now. Halo 5 will be Xbox One exclusive, surprise surprise, and will launch in the fall of 2015. It'll run at 60fps on the new engine created by 343 studios. ALSO, and this interests me, Steven Spielberg will be producing a Halo TV series around the same time. So if you're a halo fan, you just had a fangasm that requires you to clean up immediately. My advice, look to Microsoft's press conference for more information on both of these new projects.

And next up Far Cry 4. Now this one I have to admit I didn't see coming, there was no teaser's for it there was just a straight announcement then a "See ya at E3, folks!" from Ubisoft. This is the reveal picture Basically all I know is it's set in the Himalaya's, is supposed to be 5X bigger then Far Cry 3, the antagonist is that purple suited guy named "King", is coming out for the PS4, Xbox One, PS3, PC, and the Xbox 360, and is coming out in November of this year. Nice one Ubisoft, now I REALLY can't for E3.

And here's the link to the sight where you can view who's attending E3. Be warned, it's fairly lengthy. And with that, I bid you a good-eve!

Road to E3 2014 (Post 1)

What's up gamer gal's and guy's, it's GamerAssassin here to get you all ready for the coming battle. What's the occasion? E3 2014, the event that happens once a year, has rolled around to our fine, fine door-step once again and I'm here to run down some rumors and maybe start up some new and TRUE ones, if I'm any good at my job. This will be one of many posts I'm going to be doing, and keep in mind this is the PREPARATION post, basically giving you the simple facts. So put on some tunes, kick your feet up, and let's get this dance started. The road E3 starts here and it starts right now.

So I don't have to run down the basic's for ya'll, we're all gamers here. E3 is some serious shizz for our proud and nerdy race. It's the place where gamer's gather around the parent company's and drool over the gifts they offer us for our hard earned coin. Last year we sat wide eyes as Microsoft and Sony rolled out their Cadillac's of gaming known as the Xbox One and the Playstation 4. And now that we've more or less made up our minds about what we're going to be buying, we're just in time for E3 to roll around again so our wallet's can shudder at the thought of being raped once more.

So, I think E3 is gonna kick off June 9th with the press conferences. Sony, Microsoft, and what's left of Nintendo will take the stage to reveal new software, New IP's and the return of all time favorites. I think Microsoft kick's there's off at 9:30am (Pacific time), and that's on a Monday by the way, so set your alarm clocks bright and early. And at 6pm (pacific time) Sony will take the stage.

So here I have the full run down of time's. Get a pen and paper, this is going to be a busy day.

June 9th-

  • Microsoft Press Conference, 9:30am (Pacific)
  • EA Press Conference, 12:00pm on the dot (Pacific)
  • Ubisoft Press Conference, 3:00pm (Pacific)
  • Sony Press Conference, 6:00pm (Pacific)

June 10th-

  • Nintendo Press Conference, 9:00am (Pacific)

But if you're interested in just the happening's of E3, I have three event's here that might interest you, but seriously keep your eyes on those conferences because that's where the new announcements bust out.

  • In the Nokia Theater LA, Nintendo will be hosting a Super Smash Bro. competition were 16 of the best player's get together and duel. The event shall be streamed!
  • Nintendo will also be hosting a event called "Nintendo Treehouse" It's a special booth on the E3 show floor that promises "in-depth" game demos. And it too will be streamed all day on June 10th through 12th.
  • Microsoft is planning a number of "Fan-centered-events" for people not only Los Angeles, but also those watching from their homes. The power house company will give more details will be announced as E3 2014 draws closer.

I'm going to wrap this post up because there's to many issues to cover in this one and it's getting rather lengthy. You can watch the E3 stream on Twitch TV, or if you just want to catch the important bits you can come here! And I shall give them to you, all bitty like. I am GamerAssassin and YOU...are awesome. Peace out!