Dear future TESO players, greetings

I'm the new moderator for The Elder Scrolls Online (and for now the only one), which mean I'll be in charge of making this page the most welcoming and enjoyable possible. With your help!

My role is to build a strong community here, that will share interesting informations, start thrilling conversations, edit wonderful videos and much more. As for now, the active community of TESO is reduced, but I do hope to help it grow considerably before the release of the game. If you have friends and guildmates that are interested by The Elder Scrolls Online, do not hesitate to share this page, and encourage them to be part of our fan community on Anook! We are always looking for active contributors that will help to make this page a great place where to hang out and chat about our favourite game!

One of my task was to define the tags that you will now be able to use when you write a Blog post, when you create a TESO Nook, and in the future, when you stream. Some of those tags will probably not be very useful until the Open beta start. More will be added in future aswell.

  • Pre-launch: Tag for all general discussions pre-launch. It will serve us as a sort of Archive in the future
  • Daggerfall Covenant: races & territories
  • Ebonheart Pact: races & territories
  • Aldmeri Dominion: races & territories
  • Lore: related to The Elder Scrolls lore (can include other ESO games lore aswell)
  • PVE: Quest, Dungeons & Adventure zones
  • PVP: Players versus players
  • Cyrodiil: related to anything happening in Cyrodiil (Alliance War): quest, dungeons, pvp...
  • Playstation4: specific for Playstation4
  • XboxOne: Specific for Xbox
  • PC/Mac: Specific for computers

As moderator, I'll try to keep this page as clean as possible to preserve its attractiveness. I can not delete myself any thread that have been posted, however if I see double post (for example, same video posted twice), I'll contact directly the author, so he/she can remove it himself and comment or share the first similar post.

If you need help with Anook, or if you have questions concerning The Elder Scrolls Online, do not hesitate to contact me via private message. I'll try to answer as fast and as best as possible.

Hope you will enjoy your stay on Anook, and on TESO page. It's now my honnor to make this page the most active and succesful from all Anook pages ;) Help me to win this challenge!
This post had been posted from my personal blog, to keep it saved somewhere (huhu I'm so funny) However, Somweyr is my user blog, it's nothing "official" to Anook.

Thanks for reading! Take care everyone!