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Male, 22 years old, lives in United Kingdom

About Gonzo-Plays

Hello and welcome to GonzoPlay's channel!

The channel is dedicated to StarCraft II video game and it is orientated to platinum league and above. All replays are winning matches at platinum league and above and I will be explaining in future videos tactics, openers ect...
I wanted to share all these videos with you all and hopefully you will give me a like or even subscribe to the channel if you want me to carry on sharing with you these RTS Game from Blizzard.
I will try to make the process of video sharing as fun as possible, so if you have any suggestions, ideas or if you would like me to address any specific content from StarCraft II let me know by messaging me or by placing a comment on any of my videos.

Thanks for watching GonzoPlays

Last updated Jan 20, 2016, 3:04:41 PM