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Check out our latest League video!!

League of Legends With TNG ARAM With A Streamer
Sai finds himself in a fan game with one of his favorite streamers Juju458 :D Check Out Our Website: …

Uploaded Adventures In Minecraft Episode 2 today! Check it out!! :D


Adventures In Minecraft With TNG Episode 2
Looks like it is time for some mining! Jake and Sai travel into the dark bowels of the server in this episode! …

In case anyone missed it we have started a new series on our channel!!! A new Minecraft series called Adventures In Minecraft With TNG. I am really excited that we are starting this

Adventures In Minecraft With TNG Episode 1
Join TNG as we adventure around Minecraft!! :D Check Out Our Website: …
GrimAzrael wrote

Giveaway video today! Keep your eyes peeled =P


New TNG website!! Check it out :D

Taco Ninja Gamers
Welcome to the official website of the Taco Ninja Gamers (TNG). We are TacoNinjaGamers! We bring you awesome …

So I played League last night. I was very interested in the new support items that the new patch put out. On one hand the items aren't the best ones. Really out the three new gold income items the Talisman of Ascension is the best. Relic Shield just has a weird passive going on. Perhaps late game it would be nice but it is not that good for supports in lane if no adc or other ally is around. The Talisman though giving you the +3 or more when a nearby minion dies seems more gold efficient to me and puts out more gold for supports. I'm thinking support may become a contested role that everyone else wants now. Anyone else?


New videos out now @TacoNinjaGamers channel. Been trying to keep to a regular upload schedule for now, everything Mon, Weds, Fri and maybe Saturday. Keep an eye out on our channel for giveaways and other special things ;)

Serious Sam Bro Gaming #4
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