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Blue Skooma Player Run Live Auction

Hey Everyone! Thought I'd go ahead and post this here for those who haven't seen it yet.

Live Auction
After a year Blue Skooma Roleplayers is still holding it's weekly live, player run auction in the AD North American Server! The auction takes place every Saturday at 10pm EST. Come meet us at the Merchant's Plaza in Marbruk, Greenshade! Everyone is welcome to join us!

Selling Items
If you would like to add your own items into the auction, contact @Ice_Eye or @Sweet_Roll_Thief in game, if the item sells, the guild takes a 10% cut and mails you the rest.

Soul Raffle
We also do what we call the 50/50 Soul Raffle, previously exclusive to guild members, which is now completely open to the public!

What is a 50/50 Raffle?
What we do is we charge 500 gold for a ticket, 250 gold goes towards the guild coffers and 250 gold goes into the jackpot. We do this throughout the week and announce the winner at the auction. there is also a runner up prize of assorted items that vary every week.


Hey, a wild Ebonwind appears! Found him in Elloa's video :D the strange places you find your guildmates, and hearing they know other friends of yours hahaha.


Great Job to @Elloa and everyone that took part in the video!

Friends and Acquaintances Behind the Screen

Just a warning before hand, this can be a sad subject for some.

MMOs, guilds, gamers playing many genres, across all of these games we play we meet knew people. Sometimes they are just @NiceGuildmate, some random guy you met who teaches you about dungeons, your sniper up on the hill covering your ass, the one who revived you while everyone else ran past, sometimes we know them more personally; Some, if you're lucky, you've known for a good deal of time like "Yea that's John, he's an electrician from Ohio, he's married, and just had a brand new baby girl". Outside of gaming people sometimes view these relationships as strange and say "buy you've never actually met them?" which yea looking at it from the outside it can be a little strange. However, I also thoroughly enjoy the company of these people and like logging in to speak to them, they effect you're every day life.

About 8 years ago I played Call of Duty, I was a solo player, no clan, no real life friends that owned the game to play with. I ended up meeting a group of really nice players who happened to be good at the game too. They asked if I wanted to join them after talking over the mic for a bit. I accepted immediately. Over the course of years we played each new COD game, if one of our clanmates couldn't afford the next DLC or game, we would figure out a way to pitch in and get it for them. I had one clanmate specifically, who I would always have friendly competitions for the last killcam, BUT, the only way it would count is if it was a kill using a throwing knife. One time, he bounced a knife off of a wall and hit someone in the foot, killing them. I yelled "THAT DOESN'T COUNT, YOU HIT HIS FOOT!" and we got a good laugh out of it. Later on we learned that this clanmate had died, I was pretty sad by the loss of this friend.

These days I play ESO and a small batch of other games, meeting people all over, everyone having effects on me here and there. Sometimes, such small effects that you don't even really think about it. Like in my guild on ESO, I started trying to roleplay for the first time. Well At first, when I just joined the guild, I had made a racist Khajiit, who was pretty mean to people outside of the Dominion. Me, being new to roleplaying and being mean to someone in the guild made me feel bad, he of course being more experienced knew it was all just "in-character", but I felt bad about it anyways haha. That's when I changed who I played as, who is now my main character. I never really thought about this until our guild last night was informed by that persons' brother, that he had died in a car accident. Honestly I didn't really think about it until we held an in-game memorial, but the reason "Ri'Zharim" my main character, even has a story and has life in this fantasy world is due to that player.

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone, creating content, chatting, playing, changing our lives in large and small ways.

  • Mar 11, 2015, 9:31:34 AM

Well said Elridge. I hope youve gotten through this tough time ok. And also, Rinzei your first response here sounds very familiar to me too. Even today i feel its easier to be myself and be who i want to be around my online friends. And yes, sometimes those friends you dont see can be better friends than your real life ones. and indeed my openness has also allowed some more 'selfish' folks to try and manipulate or lie to me online. But overall, gaming has allowed me to befriend folks id otherwise never have a chance to know, fantastic people from all over the world. And im eternally grateful for that. ^^

  • Mar 11, 2015, 7:29:43 PM

Thanks @GothicMando, that players brother has been online pretty much daily,. Our guildmate posted it was reminiscent of the story of the boy who left the last coordinates of his fallen brothers character "Bear" in Skyrim, then the community proceeding to place flowers there. (the story)


You look at zone chats trolls in MMOs and think that alot of the gamers are pretty terrible people, arguing over the smallest things, having the same debates daily, but then you see stories like this, bringing the community together.

  • Mar 12, 2015, 9:10:27 AM

That sounds like a lovely tribute. And yeah, youre totally right, so many gamers (and indeed so many people on the internet) dont really seem to be willing to make even the smallest effort to avoid petty arguments. I guess cyberspace can just bring out the worst in some people, partly due to its anonymity and lack of deterrent. But you right, when you read stories like yours, it restores some faith in your fellow man ^^ I tip my buy'ce to you ; )

Elridge uploaded a picture

The wedding day of Maedhros and Chryseis! After much preparation and rehearsal, Ainaon led the procession of those present in Vulkwasten to the nearby shoreline, a spot favored by the lucky groom himself. Ainaon, Maedhros, and Chryseis stood in front of the honored guests in the waters' …

Elridge uploaded a picture

Last night the citizens of Vulkwasten held a competition of the body and mind to decide a new captain of the guard. First started off with the competition to capture each others flags in a free for all combat. With Malyne coming out on top, however physical prowess is not all the we need, …

Elridge uploaded a picture

It's nice to break up the questing, dungeons and PvP. Yesterday, Blue Skooma Roleplayers randomly gathered (out of character) here in Vulkwasten, Malabal Tor. That turned into a naked dance party, as tradition of all parties in MMOs haha, and then that turned into a karaoke night in our …

New Aldmeri Dominion Roleplay Event NA

After much late night discussion among members in the Dominion Accord it was tentatively settled upon to bring events to Woodhearth so that it make act as a new rp hub for the Dominion. As we have previously had a lack of hubs, this has caused for our roleplay community to be split apart and has given the impression that we have less roleplay than we actually do and have a much smaller population. While this may be partially true, we are now actively working towards helping our faction thrive. Therefore some guilds will be moving to/opening branches in Woodhearth (as was their plans anyway) and will be creating regular events for everyone to join.

Please post any events or links to events in this thread so we can have a central place where roleplayers can discuss things going on in Woodhearth.

A map for better navigation of Woodhearth:
Here's a link for fullsize. Credit goes to Pidgeons.

Current Events:
What: The Woodhearth Tavern
The Woodhearth Tavern is most active on Wednesday evenings, possibly due to the shipments of honeymead and rotmeth arriving from Willowgrove and Vulkwasten the night before. Though it's located in what some call the "bosmeri district" of Woodhearth, khajiit, altmer and near everyone else is welcome. Also, unlike some bosmeri taverns, it keeps a good amount of food and drink that outsiders and those who don't follow the Green Pact will enjoy. Across the street is The Greenbower, an inn of sorts where travelers can rest for the night.

When: Every Other Wednesday, 7:00 PM PST (Starting 12/17/14)

Where: The Improbable Cutlet, Woodhearth

What: Twin Tails Company public Tavern Night
The Leadership of the TTC will have their minds clear to negotiate potential contracts with those that wish them! This event will take place at the Greenbower tavern weekly and the Twin Tails will have personnel in the Curious Curios on other days to take contracts.

When: Sundas (Sunday), at 7pm EST.

Who: Message @Rosanna_Foxfire, @DappleJax, @eveningshadow for more details and phasing assistance. See this thread for more details.

Where: Woodhearth, the Greenbower.

What: Woodhearth Open Market
Treethane Fariel, seeing the decline of trade within Woodhearth, has called upon the capital of the Greenshade region to host it's first Open Market. Merchants from all over the Dominion will be in attendance, selling their wares to the many colorful buyers that will be there. Please come visit this miniature festival for good food and drink, the finest weapons and armor, magical spells, clothes , potions, and more!

When: Thursdays at 8pm EST.

Where: Woodhearth, in the Bosmer district ground level trading circle. If you are a seller, go to the Khajiiti stall to check in Icly so we can let everyone know where you'll be setting up.

Why: The Kin of the Shadow Phoenix, Thalmor Inquest, and other guilds want to host more events in Woodhearth to make it a place where characters from all over the Dominion can come for RP. This rp will be 'Shopkeeper' or 'Trader' type rp but can include anything from tavern-type rp, to theft rp, shady dealings, to fights that may break out. Any and all rp is welcome. Characters can come to sell, buy, or anything else. Finding other characters who share your interests and making connections is what this event is all about. If you have any questions, want to help make more 'city-life' events for Woodhearth, or want to know how you can get your group involved in the city, just post here or message me or Faer'veren.

This blog was copy and pasted to promote the event, credit for what is written here goes to Morriel from the TESO-RP website

  • Dec 16, 2014, 10:32:01 AM

This looks amazing! I've not started to seriously Roleplay in ESO, but I'm really tempted to give it a go! Thing is that Roleplay take so much time, and time is what I'm lacking!

  • Dec 16, 2014, 7:35:27 PM

I actually never roleplayed before until ESO, I joined a guild to test how it was, ended up an officer after that festival I put on, and never left. It's been really fun for me, and I still try to make time for my questing and PvE haha

The Mercantile Alliance

This is a highlight of "The Mercantile Alliance" one of the many factions within Blue Skooma Roleplayers

The Mercantile Alliance
The Merchant's House
This is the building that The Mercantile Alliance operates out of. There are many crates and carts for all kinds of traders, as well as storage for crafters and provisioners. Carts move through daily on the way to the popular trade hub of Rawl'Kha. If you seek the company of artisans and merchants, or are looking to buy, sell, or trade, this is the place to go.

((Due to the nature of the Mercantile Alliance, we will not be listing people as fences, or blackmarket sellers, we will most likely add them as "acquirers of special goods" or put an asterisk by their name. This is because the Mercantile Alliance should not be known for shady dealings, however members are more then welcome to do their not so legal dealings under the table, provided they have a front. NOTE that I will only add these markings to the list if you want people to know about it prior to IC chat, this list is out for everyone to see IC on the Merchant's house, so anything under members could be seen IC by anyone. Let me know what you think.))

*Outside the Merchant's House a letter is nailed to the post*
"Is the Mercantile Alliance right for you? We are a group of Craftsmen, Traders, Couriers, Hunters, and Gatherers. Our alliance focuses on the well being of all the trades of S'renja, whether you are a supplier of raw materials, seller of wares, or provide a special service." "This one would like to gather a list of the imports and exports of the city. If you provide a service and wish to join the Mercantile Alliance, please leave your name, and the service you provide at the bottom."

-Mercantile Alliance leader Ri'Zharim

Apply to Blue Skooma Roleplayers Here:

The Sword and Shield

This is a highlight of "The Sword and Shield" one of the many factions within Blue Skooma Roleplayers

The Sword and Shield

If you're a sellsword, mercenary, or soldier (be it rogue or with the Dominion), this is the faction for you!

Led by Lady Nightwind (Elsynia) with her Second in Command being Ro'John, the faction not only does weekly training runs (with prizes), but handles jobs and contracts given by the inhabitants of Sren'ja. Different from the guard, this faction is not like the "police." This is a collection of wandering soldiers and blades for hire. Their base is located outside of Sren'ja in the ruins of Thormar.

We're open to all and always recruiting! If you wish to join, please reply to this thread with your character name and whether you would be a mercenary/sellsword, or soldier.

The Sword and Shield Camp

Located Southwest of Sren'ja, a stone's throw away from Rawl'kha, the town's mercenaries, sellwords, and Dominion soldiers have set up camp in the ancient ruin of Thormar. The Khajiiti side of the arch is for training, while the Bosmeri side is for rest and food.

The Camp
Faction Guidelines

  • Mercenaries and Sellswords report to Elsynia, Soldiers report to Ro'John.
  • When large decisions need to be made, it will be voted upon in the forums.
  • No fighting or disagreeing over contracts or jobs. There will be plenty for everyone. If a disagreement arises, the disputing parties will be mediated either by Elsynia or Ro'John and calmly discuss until a conclusion is reached.
  • Lady Nightwind (Elsynia) and Ro'John will be representing the faction when a council is called. Feel free to express opinions and concerns to either.
  • All members are welcomed to post issues that they want discussed or events to be attended in the RP forums. Said posts should have a "Sword and Shield BB" label to them. Important messages regarding the faction are to be done in the same manner.

Faction Leader: Lady Nightwind (Elsynia)
Second in Command:Ro'John

Apply to Blue Skooma Roleplayers Here:

Progress In S'renja

Blue Skooma Roleplayers are living well in the city of S'renja and are preparing to promote more of our work on Anook, this includes:

  • Character sheets of various members
  • Settings we have laid out for our roleplay
  • Stories from our members
  • Fun pieces of information on the guild
  • Adding events onto the calendar

If you would like to see ESO Roleplay related content such as these in the future, keep an eye on our nook!

If you are interested in joining us, or checking out what we are about, check out our website!