Santuary 25+ Mature Social Free Company - Odin EU

Sanctuary [Odin EU] is a close knit community of players formed through friendship and former guild association. This is a fairly new endeavour, as such there are currently few online, however, we are hoping to grow steadily to build a very relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. Our members are happy in their own company, as well as with that of others. We have a small cozy house in Shirogane and a friendly Discord server for chatty stuffs.

We share a very casual approach to gaming and hope to maintain a kind, helpful and relaxed atmosphere. Real life time constraints are important and so we strive to create a community of like minded, mature players that can enjoy the game at their own pace. If you are looking for a small, warm family of players to enjoy the game with then please take a look at the recruitment section. All levels and abilities are welcome. Quality over quantity.

Sanctuary is primarily a social FC and if/when we have events they will be very casual and community based. We currently do not have plans to raid.. yet!

To comply with alcohol legislation and because we are an aging population *creaks bones* (and it's just our standard rule) we have an age requirement of 25+. The only exception to this is if you were/are a member of the Whitestar community.


  • We are casual and happy to do stuff alone and together.
  • We maintain a mature, friendly and helpful community.
  • We do not expect or require anyone to ‘min-max’.
  • No level requirement - we care about you as a person, not your pixels.
  • No drama please (Sith powers will be used)!

Social Expectations
It is hoped that every person within the free company will participate socially, be kind to others and help maintain a friendly atmosphere within the FC.

If you choose to have over your pixel head we hope and expect that you will represent the free company in a positive way.

If you feel that you cannot maintain the mindset of the FC then perhaps this is not the home for you (sorry!). Should we experience behaviour that goes against the free company's principals then it is possible you will either fail the trial period, be demoted to trialist or be kindly asked to leave.

Sanctuary will not tolerate:

  • Harassment of any sort.
  • Using the free company for personal gain.
  • Any form of bad/elitist behaviour towards other players.
  • Creating a bad atmosphere within the free company.
  • Immature behaviour in global channels.

Please click here for the application form!

Please fill out ALL of the questions as fully as possible. The more you write, the better impression of your personality we get. If questions are left blank you will either be asked to answer them or the application may be declined.

Ensure you have read the Free Company Information section!

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