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Okay so my laptop is getting repaired so I won’t be on for awhile. Anyway see you guys later in game =)


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ALRIGHT! we have 6 people in the guild! I am so happy it is taking off as well as it is :D Also I have a question.. why do people ask to be invited to a guild then just leave? psh it doesn't suck that much! I still am planing on social events so everyone get's to know each other! I want people to feel comfortable being in here. /Rant over.

Exciting events being planned so make sure to check the guild page thingy in game! probably won't use this anymore since people don't use it.





I made an event and I am hoping some of the guild mates are able to come. We are doing a big halloween get together thing--see anook page for deets.

Be ready to meet your fellow guild mates. If you are feeling overwhelmed and don't feel like talking you can still come and sit down by us. I am planning on grouping us because I hate talking on the main chat.

If you want to RP within the group.. GO FOR IT! you can go ahead. Just be respectful and if you are doing ERP, you will be asked to take that to a room or someting.

I am looking to promote some guildees so that they can help me figure out how to plan events and different things.

Anyway.. I look forward to seeing all of your face's there!

Comment if you have any questions or message me. I will try to respond as fast as I can.


Oh boy am I excited. Got two new members to join! I am so excited to show everyone my visions of this guild. I am willing to take any thoughts and questions. Oh also I am looking for some recruiting help :D :D I want to promote people instead of putting people in power. Let's do it!

oh again you can message me here or in game @Zelliibot for any questions, or for an invite if you so wish!

I will be promoting this guild shamelessly though.. It's my baby!

Anywho.. have a great day :D



When you just got to work on that cardio! come join us! Message me @Zelliibot and I will invite you! We take anyone! Any race, alliance and whatever.