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Guild Information

About Skyhold:
Skyhold is a social & casual raiding Guild. We are looking for friendly and helpful people to join our ranks, of any level and class! We use our Nook here to post Events and Get To Know Each Other outside of WoW. We also have a board where we provide discussion for Raiding.

We use Discord for voice communication. Please check the Guild Information in guild for the server link.

Our raid times are Wednesday's & Thursdays, 9PM-11PM Sever Time.

Your Raid Leaders are Dudeademon & Coirosu. If you have any questions at all about up-coming raids, not being able to attend a raid or which classes are needed, please contact him in-game.

Subject Author Replies Last Update
Castle Nathria HC cleared!

Our little raid team is still chugging along. Bit of a delayed post as we cleared this a couple week backs now but just wanted to pop my head in to let y'all know we're all still alive and kicking!

Normal Eternal Palace cleared!

Our little team has cleared The Eternal Palace, after logging on with only 9 present we somehow still managed to pull it together and get her down!

What a beautiful new raid...

After a couple months of a well earned break, the team has come back together again to raid the depths of the Eternal Palace. Absolutely gorgeous dungeon and four bosses conquered already.. Feels good. We miss some of our lost comrades to the real world bosses but carry on fighting in their name.

Aaaaand done.


Jaina was pretty problematic for us, but we came back with fresh minds and attitudes and got her down after 2 or 3 tries!

6/9 HC

We spent our whole 2 hours progress wiping tonight on Conclave and Rastakhan and it was SO FUN AND SATISFYING.

4 HC BoD

2 extra HC bosses down tonight! Feels so good to down a couple bosses after wiping on them lots and hashing out the tactics. So. Much. Fun <3

Normal BoD complete + 2 HC bosses down

We downed normal Jaina on our second pull tonight. Really happy that we've cleared normal BoD! We then went on to take out the first 2 bosses on HC. Good work team!

And so it begins again...

Here is our little gang again, back together and ready for raiding in the battle of Dazal'alor. 5 bosses down normal, we should get the rest tomorrow night! GG

Mythrax HC

Sooooo we made progress tonight with Mythrax. Zul is an easy kill now and Mythrax was our progress boss with about 30 mins left on raid. Tomorrow night we'll get to focus all our attention on G'huun!

Uldir Normal Cleared

Hello, yes our lovely little raid team is still active and having a blast in BfA! Last night we successfully cleared Uldir normal and have the first 2 bosses on HC farm too <3

Ahead of the Curve!

And on about our 10th pull (bearing in mind some of them were DIRE haha! and we had some crazy lag issues because of BfA preorder stuffness) our little raid group once again achieved ahead of the curve! Grats everyone! Time to farmmmmm <3

  • Feb 1, 2018, 2:31:37 AM

Congrats and well done y'all :D


Ahhh what a brilliant fight, love how we got smoother and smoother. Hashing it out is always fun! Aggramar is great! :)