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Elite Dangerous: Horizons on Xbox One is now available.


Upgraded Price (if already own Elite: Dangerous Standard Edition): £19.99 ($29.99, €24.99, 1,489 RUB)


Deluxe Edition Price: £39.99 ($59.99, €49.99, 2,999 RUB)


Patch notes:

Elite Dangerous: Horizons - Xbox One update
Hey guys, Just a quick post to let you know that the Xbox One update is coming at the same time as the …
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Out of the blue, Subnautica appears on Xbox Game Preview program with morning. Price: $19.99


Store link:…

This game is a work in progress. It may or may not change over time or release as a final product. Purchase …
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For those wanting to get into Elite: Dangerous on Xbox One. The game is on sale from its original price at $37.49 to now $18.75.


Store link:…


Need help getting started in the game? Head over to the subreddit:


Get it while you can (and tell others also).

Elite Dangerous Standard Edition
Take control of your own starship in a cutthroat galaxy. Join the endless open world adventure featuring a …
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Elite Dangerous: Horizons - Xbox One Trailer:


Elite Dangerous: Horizons for Xbox One will launch in Q2 of 2016, featuring both 2.0: Planetary Landings and the upcoming 2.1: The Engineers expansions.

Elite Dangerous: Horizons - XBox One Trailer
Elite Dangerous: Horizons for Xbox One will launch in Q2 of 2016, featuring both 2.0: Planetary Landings and …
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1.6 update is around the corner.


The update will include: Three new languages, private groups, customisable controls, and game extras (including paint jobs).


Note: Also they stated that "We’ve also got some exciting news to announce for Xbox One Commanders in the very near future, so keep a look out for the newsletter and on our social media channels for the latest information." So maybe Horizons DLC for Xbox?


For full details go to,

Elite Dangerous for Xbox One News
It's an exciting time to be an Xbox One Commander as our cargo holds are brimming with Elite Dangerous Xbox …
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Minecraft just got 6 new achievements/trophies added for Xbox and PlayStation platforms.


Note: They have as well fixed some bugs/glitches, Added Story Mode skin pack, and Added new "Minecart Sounds" option to Audio Settings.


For full detailed patch notes, go here:

Xbox One -

Xbox 360 -

PS3 -

PS4 -

PSVita -

WiiU -


Do NOT Buy Supply Drops! (Black Ops 3 Rant) - Video by M3RKMUS1C.


TLTR: It's a scam.



Do NOT Buy Supply Drops! (Black Ops 3 Rant)
Do NOT Buy Supply Drops in Black Ops 3! It's a SCAM! Drop a LIKE if you want Black Ops 3 FIXED! (乃^o^)乃 Want …

Angry Joe's review of The Division.

The Division Angry Review
AngryJoe & OtherJoe are activated as Agents for The Division, what do they think of the organization? Find …

On the fence of getting this game for the $60 price tag?


Well, CSKeys is selling this game for $7.06 on Xbox One. Get it for you or for your friend while the sale or digital codes last.




Store link:…

[Deal] AC Unity for $7.06 on CDKeys ($6.70 after 5% off FB code) * /r/xboxone
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There is a big Easter Egg in the new Battlefield 4 Map Dragon Valley and it requires a lot of time to get the reward.


Reward? You get the 'DICE LA' camo which only DICE employees could get, but now anyone can get it... but for a price of time and effort.




How to do it:



1. Press buttons until all lantern's have light

2. Press the code extracted from the multiply question (Little birdy, 83,980,800,000).

3. Look at the Lantern and read your special code (morse code, each code is different for each person reading it).



4. Join a ranked Conquest large game.

5. Stand at the west side of the shaft of the north-western Water tower for 2 minutes.

6. Lay down and press 'E (PC) / X or Square (Console)' to obtain keypad.

7. Enter your own unique code from the morse code lantern.




Easter Egg video by Jack Frags:


Battlelog Thread for the Hunt:…


Reddit discussions:…

illuminati Easter Egg - Battlefield 4 Secret Camo
Battlefield 4 illuminati Easter Egg - There is a big Easter Egg in the new Battlefield 4 Map Dragon Valley and …
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From the 'Video Game Awards', Rocket League for Xbox One got announced.

Announcing Rocket League for Xbox One
The soccer-meets-driving sensation, Rocket League, is coming to Xbox One! Fully optimized for the all-in-one …
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Xbox only with Deals with Gold. These deals end on December 14th.


Battlefield 4 (w/ Premium) is $30 dollars, and also Battlefield: Hardline (w/ Premium) is $22.50 dollars. Very good deals if you want all the DLC and play/get back on Battlefield and/or play the campaign's.


If you want the games standalone, then Battlefield 4 is $15.00, and Battlefield: Hardline is $20.00.



This Week's Deals With Gold And Spotlight Sale
Here are this week's games and add-on deals on the Xbox Games Store. Discounts are valid now through 14 …
azgoodaz wrote

Xbox services/ops architect; Eric Neustadter know as 'e' leaves Xbox.

Eric Neustadter (e) on Twitter
After 14.5 years working at Xbox (18.5 at MS) today is my last day. It's been an amazing ride. So Long, and …

Angry Joe's rant of EA Battlefront Season Pass.

EA Battlefront Season Pass Angry Rant!
AngryJoe's Reaction to Battlefronts Special Editions! $10 for 2 EFFING EMOTES with a $50 SEASON PASS for …
azgoodaz wrote

Xbox Preview Members! The new dashboard experience is starting to roll out this month, but only in select groups that "have historically submitted the most feedback" within the program.


At a later date, and/or in a few weeks later. It will then be available to larger groups for the others.


Note: We will roll this update out over time to Preview members who opt in for it. We’ll start with a set of Preview members who have historically submitted the most feedback - it will not roll out to everyone at the same time. Our goal is to start with a group, get feedback, then roll out to larger groups for additional feedback over time.


More details here:

This November, Your Xbox One Gets Faster and More Social than Ever
As director of program management on the platform team at Xbox, I wanted to share an update of what to expect …