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Day 31

Happy 31st, you guys. We made it! Thanks so much, Belghast, this has been a great month.

blaugust #31: the last day.
Here we are, Blaugustinians, August 31. We made it! There have been a couple of days when I complained …
day 30!

Accidentally four hours in T2.

blaugust #30: outliving the outlander.
I hadn't really planned on spending the bulk of Sunday wrestling with my outlander in T2, but here we are. …
day 29

It's raining!

blaugust #29: pluviophile.
I woke up this morning to the sound and smell of rain. That probably, doesn't sound unusual, given that I live …
day 28

Trying to choose new glasses is hard.

blaugust #28: face off.
I need new glasses. I've needed new glasses for almost a year now, but a hairline fracture has started in the …
day 27

Sound in scary stuff. Or more specifically, the minutely detailed closed captioning in Penny Dreadful.

blaugust #27: the sound of silence.
For a while now, I've been in the habit of keeping subtitles on when I watch anything on tv. I started doing …
day 26 woohoooooooooooooo!

This challenge has been really good for me, but I'm not gonna lie to you - pretty excited it's the 26th of the month already.

Anyway, I played some more Torchlight 2 tonight.

blaugust #26: tickles my fancy.
For one reason and another, last weekend I decided to make a third alt in Torchlight 2. My main is an …
Day 25!

Embarking on a self portrait project, day 1.

blaugust #25: #365kateris
A few weeks ago I posted a bit of a rant about realizing I've been feeling uncomfortable with myself. On the …
Day 24
blaugust #24: home improvement.
I posted something earlier today, but as it's a business post I'm not counting it for Blaugust. Which meant …
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day 23

Scarf game: more love for Murder, She Wrote.

blaugust #23: my, your scarf game is stronk today.
When I wrote my love letter to Murder, She Wrote, I fully intended to talk about Jessica Fletcher's accessory …
day 22: woooooooooords

I love them.

blaugust #22: wordswordswords.
"What exactly is he sniffing?" I asked, as Phil was uploading this fellow to Tumblr this morning. "Pocket …
day 21.

Murder, She Drank: a love letter to a show and a drinking game, plus an invitation to join us.

blaugust #21: murder she drank.
A while back, I was talking to my friend Kathy and she mentioned that she wanted to watch Murder, She Wrote …
day 20
blaugust #20: too many.
Dear Reader, oof. I did not anticipate this one month challenge being so difficult. Normally when I have …
day 18
blaugust #18: tell me a colorstory.
I spent a lot of time this past weekend making new necklaces for urban legend. Well, cleaning up a dire mess …