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Blaugust, Day 28

Following on @Kodra and @Belghast's posts from yesterday, I express some of my thoughts about this whole Blaugust thing. The end is in sight, and I'm glad I chose to take on this particular endeavor.

On Blaugust, Redux
Blaugust is almost over, and I have a few thoughts on the whole process. Kodra wrote about the same thing …
Cannot be Tamed PARTS 1 & 2

I have two updates for the Cannot Be Tamed Questionnaire posted here:

Part 1:
Part 2:

Cannot Be Tamed Questionnaire: Part 1
Today I start the next series of posts when I run out of things to talk about. This is a survey posted by …
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Missed posting to the nook during GenCon, but here's something to read. Warning: I get kinda rant-y.

To be a Gamer
Psyche posted a great Blaugust post on identifying as a gamer. Liore and Belghast have posted on the topic of …
Blaugust, Day 15

In which I re-examine a post from the weekend. @Kodra, I expect we'll continue going on about this until we actually end up playing.

On Terrible Ideas, Re-examined
Wrapping up a week of posts primarily about D&D, I think I'll take another look at that evoker from earlier. …

in which I defend myself from @HiddenWings slander.+

(Warning: in this post I'm talking about playing D&D and other Tabletop Games as Games-To-Be-Won, rather than …
  • Aug 13, 2014, 12:43:14 AM

First, it's not Slander if it's written, it's Libel. Second, it's not Libel if it's true.

On Death

I posted this yesterday and forgot to upload it here. Stream of consciousness stuff, kinda confused.

On Death
This is gonna be fast and awkward, so head's up. Today Robin Williams died. I have lived through a lot of …
Blaugust, Day 10

I'm a slacker on Sundays. Therefore, this post is coming several hours later than intended, but still on August 10th. Today I write about some of the amusing bad ideas in the new D&D book.

@Kodra, if you play an Evocation Wizard, we may have to have words.

On Terrible Ideas
D&D had always been fairly good at allowing this, but the new edition does seem to have a lot of potential for …
  • Aug 11, 2014, 5:04:52 PM

I feel like evoker is and always has been the newbie trap in wizards.

Crystal Tower

I talk about how the LFR in FFXIV manages to evoke the vanilla WoW raid feels.

LFR Crystal Tower
So, I got attuned to Crystal Tower yesterday, and jumped immediately in. Crystal Tower is 24 Man dungeon in …

AggroChat Episode 17 - 10 Years 10 Questions


This week is a bit different than our normal show. One of the awesome bloggers and podcasters in the blaugust initiative has posed her own challenge. She is trying to collect information on how World of Warcraft has effected other gamers looking for both current and former players. So this week we skipped doing our normal podcast to do a megacast in which we answer the 10 questions she has posed. The end result is a lot of nostalgia but some pretty good conversation about World of Warcraft and MMO gaming as a whole. The show went a bit longer than normal, but we wanted to push through all ten questions this week since we would be without Kodra next week as he is off to GenCon. I hope you all enjoy.


featuring @HiddenWings @Kodra @Tamrielo @Rae @Belghast

Day[9] - Get Carried

In which I get carried so hard through Titan.

Get Carried
So I recently came back to FFXIV, thanks to Belghast and Ashgar, and I was at the point in my relic quest to …
Knight of the A4

Today I talk about the Secret World pre-launch ARG I participated in.

Knight of the A4
So what is the weirdest thing you've ever done for an MMO? I've done a lot of crazy things, staying up all …