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Lance wrote

Dota 2 Comic series! :)


Infinite combos prompting Capcom to develop a patch specifically designed to fix infinite combos.

Capcom Says It's Working on a Patch as Four Infinite Combos Found So Far in Street Fighter X Tekken
This past week saw multiple YouTube videos demonstrating infinite (or nearly infinite) combinations across …
Lance wrote

RIFT 1.8: Infernal down coming soon

RIFT - News - RIFT™ 1.8: Infernal Dawn, coming soon - Dynamic Fantasy MMORPG
In RIFT 1.8, a blistering new 20-player raid will test the fiercest Ascended, while those seeking new friends …
  • Mar 31, 2012, 6:33:24 PM

and fishing! :D wee

  • Apr 5, 2012, 9:35:00 AM

Going to be wicked sick :D


William Wallace explains the Legacy system.

Star Wars: The Old Republic | Developer Blogs
Where would you start if you were constructing the Skywalker family tree? Let's start with Anakin. If you ask …
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"The Jade Forest", what's not to like about the art direction in this expansion? (ok, maybe the pandas are a tad dull, but still, I think the general look feels quite nice for a WoW game) :)

WoW Mists of Pandaria Beta - Jade Forest and Temple of the Jade Serpent Preview! - Paiid
LEAKED MISTS OF PANDARIA NEWS!! Official Jade Forest zone preview as well as the Temple of the Jade Serpent …
Lance posted to Nintendo

Pulse of the Wii... stay tuned with the latest games announced for the Wii U.

Yay for Pikmin III !! :p ;)

Wii U Games Watch - Games Coming Out on the Wii U
Information on the games that are being developed for Nintendo's upcoming Wii U has been sketchy, so far …