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Male, lives in United Kingdom


Terraria 1.2 Streaming Right Now come watch MoMros :D

FS] Lucky Blocks On Hardcore Madpack [UP]

Grand Theft Auto 5 MIDNIGHT RELEASE!!

In This Video We Attend The Midnight Release Of The Newest Of The Grand Theft Auto Series , Join The Countdown …
markiobros wrote

What Do I Have To Tell You ....LOADS !! , From New Moderating Job To Shirts And So Much More

Major Update !!
Check These Out! The Awesome In Video Music Brought To You By - Medevil His Soundcloud - …

Markio Plays A Classic , This Video Is Just Too Funny , I Was Laughing So Hard

Borderlands w/ Markioo #1 - Crappy Machine Gun
Its A Whole New Adventure With Markio So Join Him On This Epic Classic Through The Awesome Lands Of The …
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What A Day At Comic-Con Cardiff Check The Video For Awesome Cosplay , Stalls , Celebrities And So Much More !

Cardiff Film And Comic Con 2013
What An Amazing Event Today Saw A Whole Ton Of Awesome Cosplays Celebrities And So Much More ! OUR LINKS; Dont …

Stuck On Borderlands 2 Dlc Tiny Tinas Assault On Dragon Keep , On How To Proceed Past The House Of Avarice Check The Link Below For The Assistance Needed :D

Hope We Help You Guys Out As We Were Stuck Like Hell Lol

House Of Avarice House Glitch Fix - Borderlands 2 Dlc
Hi GUys In THis Video I Show You How To Get Around The Glitch Or Bug Where You JUst Cant Seem To Get Through …
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NEW!! Gaming Setup And Retro Special ! I Have A Great Led Powered Retro Station Its Pretty!!

Gaming Setup And Retro Special Section !!
Hi Mobros In This Video I Show You The Office And My Gaming Setup Also A Work In Progress SPECIAL Retro …
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Thanks for following :D (I'm french,First French on Anook

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thanks for the follow, followed back :)

Cloudcon wrote
  • Aug 10, 2013, 2:37:20 AM

Heya how's it going ?