Hi all!

The Bears haven't been especially active recently, due to coursework and computer deaths, and it may still be a little while before we properly start posting content again. That said, we have a new team member!

Keerda is a magical man who occasionally visits Nottingham to grace us with his magical face. He is a quiet, collected player whose slight lack of map awareness lends his skills to the lonely land of top lane, though he also fares well in the ADC role, where a watchful support can keep him safe. He enjoys the tense moments, but also when things are going exactly as planned and he is well immersed in 'the zone'.
Favourite Champions: Ashe, Anivia, Vladimir
Least Favourite Champion: Fiora
Favourite Items: Iceborn Gauntlets, Lich Bane, Trinity Force (Anything with a Sheen in it!)

gl and hf,