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Male, 27 years old, lives in rotherham, United Kingdom

Mazziecom wrote

Hi everyone My names Michael Delaney


I am currently trying to start a entertainment company called Mazziecom.


We are starting with Books and merchandising, and hopefully this will open doors in the future so we can move into Video games, movies, cartoons, toys etc.


Our first book is almost complete



Patch & the cyborg plague Chapter 1


Emily Roe is a seemingly normal girl, living every boring day after the other however her busy day life as she calls it is turned upside down by the shape shifting guardian of the universe, Patch. Becoming best friends the two set out on an epic adventure to save the planet, from the Toxic Cyborgs.


Note: Only chapter one is available to read here.


Join Patch on another one of his adventures as he battles to save an alien village from being terrorized by the beast of Taka.


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Please follow the link to read.

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