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moxie posted to Blaugust

Day 29: I'm back! I failed Blaugust, but it didn't fail me. I now have a new blog URL, so please redirect your links and feed to Thanks! :)

Battle Priestess Redux, Again
One of the promises I made to myself when joining Blaugust this year was that if I made it all the way …

Day #21: In this post, Community Manager Lore finally gets it. <3

This Is What We Wanted All Along
Today I'm just going to leave the text of this SUPER-LONG post by Community Manager Lore here. This is what …

Day 19: Moxie roleplays. Oooooh yeah.

So yesterday I shared about how I came to play on the Emerald Dream RP-PvP server - but I didn't go into what …

Day #18: Moxie tries ::gasp:: a PvP server. Lord have mercy.

The OTHER Emerald Dream
In World of Warcraft, I've played on a handful of regular PvE servers (Garona, Terenas, Runetotem) for short …

Day #17: Player Housing. And then I'll shut up about it. Maybe. ;)

Player Housing? Yes. No. Maybe.
I love player housing. Almost all of my favorite games include it in some form or fashion: Animal Crossing. …

Day #16: Moxie takes on the hot seat! Will you be nominated next?

Stop! It's Liebster Time!
I'm not usually one to participate in chain letters or "random things about you" memes in social media, but I …
moxie posted to Blaugust

Day 15: We're halfway through y'all! :)

The Halfway Point
Today (or tomorrow) marks the halfway point of Blaugust. I never thought that I would be able to keep up with …

Forgot to share Day 14s post, so here's Day 14. 15 Coming Up Next!…

Gaming Update
Time to catch up on what is going on in my gaming world this week. World of Warcraft: Still chugging along. …

Day #13 In this post: Moxie dies of cuteness overload.

Be Still My Beating Heart...
This... this... I'm not planning on playing a Demon Hunter other than to see the starting experience, but I …

Yeah, this isn't really about Call of Duty. It is however about criticism and player/developer communication. Enjoy! :)

Criticism, Communication, and Call of Duty (not!)
Last night I was scrolling through Twitter and somebody mentioned that WoW fans should just shut up about …

Day #11 - If Moxie were in charge, Ravenholdt would be pretty cool.

On Ravenholdt
I have to admit that I'm fascinated about all the drama surrounding the Rogue Class Hall in Legion. The devs …
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Day #10: draws my annoyance. New Blaugust goal! :)

WordPress and Bloggy Things
Since we're in Blaugust, lets talk about blogs. I don't know about you guys, but I am never really satisfied …
moxie posted to Blaugust

Day 9: State of the Blaugust!

Blaugust Update and Stuff
Blaugust: I can't believe that I've posted something 9 days in a row now. I won't lie, it's been a little …

Blaugust Day 8: Illidan's Back! Why so sad?

Warcraft, Lore, and You
Now that we have an idea where WoW:Legion is going to be taking us, it's a good chance to sit back and think …
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Amazing post! I can't heart this enough :)