Whitestar is a community ever evolving and changing. We have bloomed a lot lately by improving and progressing our guilds in The Elder Scrolls Online and World of Warcraft. We have welcomed a lot of new members, and promoted our deserving Trials to full membership. We have achieved some feats aswell together, like killing Archimonde or the Mage and the Warrior Constellation.

Whitestar kill Archimonde

Whitestar kill the Constellation of the Warrior

We are organizing regularly events in our guilds and outside our guilds in other games like Evolve, Heroes of the Storm, Diablo or GW2. We try to organize funny contest and games on our forums, to always encourage bonding and amusement in our community. And we have many other projects and surprises to come!

The big new of the month, however is that we do now have a new official guild in Final Fantasy XIV. Created by @LunaDra and @Cornilius, together they have achieved to arrise the interest of a lot of our members and gather them in Eorzea. During more than one month the guild have slowly grown, gathering more and more members and generating a lot of activities and enthousiasm.
So today we are very proud and happy to tell you that Final Fantsay XIV is our third guild, and that Lunadra had been promoted as Council member and Cornilius as Officer.

The new Whitestar guild in Final Fantasy XIV

But it's not all! Our guild in Wildstar that had been put in hibernation is slowly waking up. We have a lot of members and activities in this game lately, and it might well become its own thing in time aswell. Several events are already planed: As the game is F2P, if you want to join up any of our event, you do not need to invest any money. You just need to install the game, create a character on Jabbit Eu, and poke the WiIdstar GM @Nehr or the officers @Nyah @Neny @Alakina or myself

Whitestar doing some dungeons in Wildstar

We are very happy to see Whitestar evolving and growing so much while keeping its very special, cozy and warm hearted atmosphere. Be sure to read regularly our forums, and signup our events if you are interested or not to participate.
Thanks to everyone to make Whitestar such an awesome place!