Whitestar always feels like a cozy place to fit in and to forgot all your worries at. But some days/nights are just more special & awesome than others :) And this is just a perfect example of today!

After a long time we didn't have much contact, I finally met @Nyahna back in The Elder Scrolls online! We were hyped about housing and such, so i showed her my favorite route in Coldharbour to find schemes (powered by @Dragostea!) and we had a lot of fun, posing in the inn and jumping off roofs while sneakily grabbing new schematics and patterns :') NYNU AND NUNY, the dual wielding beer & wine drinkers are BACK! @Nyahna you are such a cute and lovely woman, it has been such a nice time spent with you, thanks so much for your time!! I laughed until my belly hurt and i couldn't move anymore, had such a nice time!! NUNY IS THANKFUL!!

When I thought the night was awesome and I couldn't become any better, @SoulBrisingr invited me to a casual talk in Discord where she and @Amy-Higgins where having some Overwatch game matches. Little did I know Soul did invite her cute little 11 year old niece to play with us and OMG, I tell you, she was sooo adorable and, guided by incredibly widow main skilled Soulü, she had sick skills!! Also I had tons of fun being the flying dove, AKA pocket heals of my daughter @Amy-Higgins who I also enjoy cutting off the crust of sandwiches and preparing animal shaped vegitable meals! (yes, we are weird) Thanks so much you two for these super cute OW matches, it's such a delight and hilarious to play with you!

And right when I thought "This day couldn't become better!" I was invited into a dungeon group by my wonderful sister in mind @Elloa and @PhunkeyMonkeh to play with Rich Lambert, the ESO designer person, and enjoy a dungeon together!! I didn't visit any dungeon for many months so it was a challange but also so much fun to be with Elloa again and face some bosses that I loathes for a long time! THANKS SO MUCH, sweet sister and Sir Nicky for inviting me to the party and guiding me amongst you to kill some snake ladies and be victorious once more!

THIS is the essence of Whitestar!
It is not having one or two friends, but you can play SO many different games with SO many people and every day can enlighten and change your life a lot! I am SO thankful to be part of this community and I didnt't have so much fun & haven't been this HAPPY for such a long time.

Thank you for creating this community @Elloa and Thank You EVERYBODY in Whitestar for keeping up a good spirit and for making this a nice place to enjoy your time!