This is the first edition of the WHITESTAR MONTHLY - a newspaper featuring one WS community member a month, sharing his/her most exciting gaming achievements, proudest guild moments and also a look into the personal life.

This Month we are featuring @Savian: Whitestar member for many years, World of Warcraft guild and raid leader and a pretty down to earth guy.

NENY: Welcome to the WHITESTAR MONTHLY, Savian! It is very nice of you to allow us, featuring you in this 1st edition! Would you like to tell the guild people a bit about yourself? Where are you from, what do you do for a living and why did you decide to start gaming? Also, which one was your first game?

SAVIAN: Hello Neny, thanks for having me! So pretty much everyone here knows me as Savian (or Sav, Savvy, that guy that's all about the innuendo) but my real name is Robin, you might've heard it tossed around a few times. I'm currently 30 years old though I feel and act more like 20. I live in the Netherlands (for now) and I'm very close to earning my Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration. In vague terms, it's a bit of management, economics, and law combined with human resources. A lot of stuff! This keeps me busy whenever I'm not gaming or out socialising in a pub or café. In my 'spare' time I work for the Dutch postal company which means I'm outside a lot. Which is awesome in the summer, no so much when it's raining... Does get me a nice tan though and plenty fresh air. My current game as it has always been it seems is World of Warcraft. Next month I'll have been playing for 12 years without a signifcant break so that's quite a while haha. If we travel back in time, my first game was Pokémon Red on the orginal GameBoy. In our household we didn't have much tech and no one was into gaming so I got hooked through a friend. He showed me his copy and soon I had saved up money to buy my own handheld and game and the rest is history. I played my Pokémon to death and then I branched out. Playstation 1 and 2, N64, Gamecube, Xbox, you name it! So many different games and so many good memories. Then in early 2005 that same friend told me about this new game coming out called World of Warcraft. I hadn't heard of it (later though it came to be that I'd played Diablo a lot before but I never connected the dots) but I gave it a try with said friend. I became instantly invested and here I am now, 12 years later and still going strong!

NENY: That is a lot of World of Warcraft time! Would you say there is a special thing/activity/factor that hooks you most? And which part of the game/community could you gladly leave behind?

SAVIAN: Yeah, 12 years is ages in WoW time xD Makes me a bit scared to think about, that's nearly half my life! And I started before some of our members were even out of their diapers! The thing that hooks me the most is that there's always something to do, as long as you feel like doing something. I got so much going on at all times. Of course there's the business of running the guild and leading the raids and all the work surrounding that but beyond that I'm very into collecting stuff which also means farming things. Pets, mounts, toys, transmogs, achievements, you name it! There's always something more, that one drop, that one thing that keeps you coming back over and over week after week to an instance that might be 10 years old by now. I like the thrill of chasing something and the glee when it finally drops haha. The part I don't like about the game is how the server community has slowly been eroding since late Wrath. Some improvements that made life easier also made it harder in a way. Things like sharding, cross realm zoning, server merges, the group finding tool and less moderation on Blizzard's part (especially on RP servers and after sending reports) have all contributed to a feeling that our guild is the only safe haven and if you venture outside of that, you have to be prepared to deal with griefing, abusive language and maybe even herassment. I'm not saying that's all day every day but it does happen and it does tick me a off a bit sometimes... Luckily I always have guildchat and Discord to fall back to, have a laugh about it and shake it off.

NENY: Do you also feel, managing such a guild is also a burdon or are you happy about the responsibility that it brings? And how do you feel if "Not WoW Whitestarians" ponder about playing the game. Which wisdom/tip would you share with them before they start this game fresh?

SAVIAN: I always joke about how this guild was sort of thrust upon me and woe upon my heavy burden hahaha but I don't really mean that. I know that I'll always be playing WoW and the community that's been built within Whitestar, especially the WoW chapter, is amazing so I don't feel like it's really a burden or a job as some GM's feel their position is. The only things I manage are the background details like setting up raids and making sure we got our roles covered and that the roster is in good shape or if we have to go recruit. There's no micromanaging or elitist picking of dps benchmarks so certain people can't join in on the fun. We're all about including as many people as we can in the fun especially when we raid and there hasn't been any noteworthy drama in ages. Which tends to happen from time to time but that's just like life, we deal with it and move on. So yeah, I'm happy as Guild Master and Raid leader as my fellow guildies aren't really my underlings or I am their 'leader'. I'm just a Whitestarian who happens to have control over the guild bank and access to secret chat (muhaha). My first tip to fresh players would be JOIN OUR GUILD NAOW! No seriously, guilds make things better, easier and more fun for everyone involved so even you're not on Argent Dawn you should find a friendly local guild. Another thing I'd advise is to not mind too much about what other people are saying/shouting and just do your own thing. We were all new once and mistakes are a great way to learn. Over time you'll find yourself going to Wowhead or Icy Veins to look stuff up but don't burden yourself with that right away. Explore! Quest! Fall off mountains!

NENY: Sounds like you really fit the guild master's spot with your integrity as well as the hard work you put in and still the fun side you try to offer as well! Before the interview I asked you two pick 2 - 3 pictures to share in this post. Would you like to share them now and explain what we can see and why you picked them, what those mean to you?

SAVIAN: Yeah, So this is the very first screenshot I have of Savian (March 3rd 2008) who's been my main pretty much since TBC. I loved Blood Elves and their lore and a Mage made the most sense. I also played a Human Mage before that and loved it. At first he was located on Defias Brotherhood but after Whitestar moved to Argent Dawn I moved him along as well. Mage is my go-to class, especially Fire spec and I won't play anything else as my main.

SAVIAN: This is my Sav at the start of Legion in one of my favourite mogs. You can tell the difference (not just because he's Human now) as the graphics and textures and all that have improved. He's still the same mage though just like I'm still Sav!

SAVIAN: Our latest raid kill on heroic with the current team, almost all of which were present. Raiding is a big part of WoW and as I said we're trying to keep it accessible for everyone that is interested and wants to put a bit of effort in. Keeping the raids casual and fun but still having progression is tough but I think we manage to walk that line quite well. There's nothing like a night of wiping at <10% and then the stars allign and the boss keels over xD Every time we kill another one I'm so proud of my team and the great jobs they do as tanks, healers and dps. I've been raiding since early TBC when Karazhan was the hot new thing and I never really stopped after that. I've been in casual, 'just kill a boss a week or something' guilds, progression guild and even server top 10 hardcore and mythic guilds so I've seen it all. This is where I want to be though! With my friends, doing the things I like just the way I like to do 'em :)

SAVIAN: Me and my trusted righthand man @Agagor, trying to pose menacingly before our new guild banner (it's NOT Horde okay!). He's been with us ever since we restarted the guild years ago and he's been my officer and confidant ever since I took over as GM. He doesn't get much spotlight but without him I wouldn't be able to do what I do. He balances me out in ways that help me keep the guild going as it is and behind the scenes he does way more than anyone knows. Shoutout to Aga, you're the best!

NENY: Thanks so much for sharing all this, Sav! One second last questions: Are there any plans you have for (WoW) Whitestar in the future? And the very last one: Is there anything special you wish for your own gaming future? Or about your future life, is there anything in particular you are looking forward to?

SAVIAN: You're welcome! And hrm for the future... I think pretty much going the way we're going and have always been going! Whitestar as a guild that's open to everyone and anyone who shares our ideals and ways of gaming. Going boldly into new and old raids alike to get what we want. Be it progression, mogs, achievements or just running around naked and hitting Illidan in the face with our bare fists. As long as WoW continues, so will Whitestar in one way or another and so will I.
As for me personally, I do want to play more games when times allow it. FFXIV is still a favourite when it comes to other MMOS but I'm also interested in console gaming. Hoping to see a new Eternal Darkness made some day, new Pokémon games and also 'new' stuff like Minecraft and singleplayer zombieslaying shooters or adventure RPG's. In my real life future I hopefully see a place to call my own some time soon and when I've got my degree I'm seriously considering emigrating to a place cold and far away.. don't judge me xD Internet is worldwide anyways!

NENY: Thank you very much for your honesty in this interview and for all this great footage, Savian! It was great to have you and we are looking forward to see and hear more from you and your great adventures in Azeroth!