Hello everyone!

It's a long time I've not published a community talk. In less than one week, The Elder Scrolls Online open its door for all early access! The wait is soon over!

During this long period of waiting, I've tried to devellop the Anook ESO page, and build a strong, dynamic and active community. I've tried to invite interesting personalities in the ESO community that would be able to contribute with their knowledge and experience of the game: I'm very glad that some of them answered my invitation!

I've created a Nook for the use of all: ESOTheoricrafting. I hope it to become a reference on Anook to help players to think their build, choose a class, and pick up the most adapted weapon for their gamestyle. As I'm only an average theoricrafter myself that hates math and addons *wink* I really hope to see players such as @Tholren @Nybling or others sharing their insight and experience.
There is a blog attached to this Nook: my goal is to see experimented players share their knowledge via this Blog by writting insightful articles. If you want to become a blogger, please tell me, so I can give you the admin rights that will allow you to post.
I've started to share interesting videos posted by players that could be usefull, such as the Overcharging serie made by @Nybling If you have a video that speak about classes, build, skill line, itemisations... do not hesitate to share it on the Nook: it will appear on the Nook wall, and be archieved in the Nook videos.


I've also created an album for each Alliance Nook dedicated to Landscapes. Anyone can contribute and upload their own screenshots: I ask you to exclusively add Landscape screenshots without Interface. My goal is to build a large library of image illustrating the wonderfull world of Tamriel. And then share it on Reddit to promote Anook there.
Some of our members, like @LunaDra have already contributed with wonderful images, and I'm hoping some new members like @Elridge or MikaB to add their own screenies to the collection! To add your screenshot to the collection, it's very simple:

  • If your screenshot had already been uploaded, you can edit the image, and add an album: Just type the name of the Alliance, and the right album will be selected for you.
  • If you have not uploaded your screenie yet, just click on the album you want to add your screenshot, and upload it from there.

I'd like to thank @spartanjesters @ZiggsTV and @Trekker-Crew for their active promotion of Anook while streaming or publishing videos. It's that way we will see our community grow and become more and nore dynamic, for the benefice of everyone here! The more the merrier, right!

I'd like also to welcome a guild that have recently joined Anook and have created their Nook here Debaucherous Tea Party "a casual ESO guild focusing on fun and an easy going attitude" They are mainly Ebonheart and play on the NA megaserver

Let's not forget several other guilds that are active on Anook: