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Male, 29 years old, lives in Australia


Dota 2 Update - MAIN CLIENT - January 8, 2015

(All credit to Reddit user /u/SirBelvedere)…

A new update has been dispatched for the main client. More info will be edited in as I analyze the patch.


Official Changelog

- For the following week, normal All Pick will use the same alternating picking style that is used in Ranked Matchmaking

- Custom icons for items and buffs are now shown only for the local user

- Reorganized the following items in Quick Buy: Power Treads, Arcane Boots, Butterfly and Mjollnir


Economy Updates

- Currency exchange rate updates for EUR, BRL and IDR.

- Dota 2 Asia Championship 2015 - 25 Compendium Points has been renamed to DAC 2015 - 25 Points

- Effigy Block of Triumph has been added to the bundle of the The International 2014 Compendium bundle.


String Updates

- Ranked All Pick has been renamed to All Pick for the time being as mentioned in the changelog.

- Strings for the Anuwrath Guards Set have been readded to the game. - Includes all of the items in the 'Anuwrath's Guard' set for Phantom Lancer with a loading screen and HUD.


Item Updates

- The requirements for the following items have been rearranged so the highest priced requirement is listed first: Power Treads, Butterfly, Mjollnir, Maelstrom, Arcane Boots. // For eg: Earlier it would show Talisman, Quarterstaff and Eaglesong in that order respectively and now it'll show Eaglesong, Talisman and Quarterstaff.


I don't know if we have any Team Secret fans here or even BigDaddyN0tail fans, but this was a statement just released by them telling you what is going on with their team and roster changes.




A Brief mathematical explanation on how Evasion works:…


I found this thread off of Reddit and thought you guys might be interested in reading it. It's a nice little piece of theorycrafting that is good to read. Hope you guys enjoy!


[Update: 02/01/14] First Dota 2 update of 2015.

It is only a small patch which includes the Dota 2 Asia Championship 2015:…


Here's the Reddit link:…


Hope you guys get something good! Happy New Year everyone!

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For those interested in watching Dota 2 Tournament games, visit this Youtube page as it has all the videos/replays. Really good if you don't have the tickets for the in-game client and just want to see tournament matches.


I believe it's only the more popular tournaments with some of the more popular teams.

Dota 2 PR vs Team Empire | Starladder Season 11
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