Hey everyone!

Many of you have been asking me what's up, where's WarPlots, and what happened to the shows? And rightly so, we have been semi AFK lately and here's what's up.

We've had some changes in membership, and long story short, those changes have made a few things happen:

1 - Inter-team communication fractured.
2 - People left, so we lost content and community management
3 - We didn't say much at all to you guys.

For all these failures, I am sorry. Your support means a lot to us and I intend for us to come back bigger and better under a new name, with the same faces, and better content.

"But Pyro, what do you mean a NEW NAME?!"

Well cupcakes, here's the news: WarPlots is merging into the WildStar Core website.

In reality Warplots was always an extension of the WildStar Core, just a bit more separate in name and function. Under the new name, branding, and leadership things will be transitioning to a better space for our content, and you guys to enjoy it!

Over the next few weeks keep an eye out for changes to our logo, Twitch page, Twitter handle, etc etc. Better presence on social media, and all the fun stuff you've come to enjoy and expect from us that we have not been delivering on.

Which brings me to the last bit, I am sad to say that Bubbles is stepping back from leadership of WarPlots. He has decided to pursue other goals and we wish him the best and will continue to support him as a member of the Core network, and our friend. <3

Stay Frosted Warcakes, more to come.
- Pyro