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So we are getting ready for the first all Druid AJ podcast, focused on Resto for this first iteration. Our esteemed panel consists of:









We have a nice array of players from different parts of the world, as well as a top expert on Druid PvE theorycrafting to offer his perspectives on the upcoming changes and how any of the panels thoughts could potentially affect PvE.


1. Overview of how the spec is doing in 5.3, the tournament realm, and in Bleached Bones

2. The big changes for 5.4

3. Druid viability - what makes them viable healers/what holds them back

4. Talents as a whole - major issues/what works great

5. Glyphs as a whole - major issues/what works great

6. Top comps in 5.4

7. How we would like to see the class develop going forward.


Sunday, August 25th - 1pm PST/4pm EST/10pm CET