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This Friday the fifth PVP Live Friday Night Face-Off takes place. This time we have the two BlizzCon participants Boetar and Swapxy with their Paladin healer Summi face-off against last weeks winning team Rest in Protein.


For the very first time the teams fight for the prize of three BlizzCon Virtual tickets for the winning team. Be sure to tune-in on our channel.


Virtual BlizzCon ticket give-away

During the broadcast tomorrow we will do a give-away for two BlizzCon Virtual tickets. Watch the stream and be ready to answer a question in the chat in order to have a chance for winning not only the chance to watch all arena games live but also get awesome ingame goodies.


International starting time

Moscow: Saturday 1am, 2nd of November 2013

Berlin/Paris: Friday 10pm, 1st of November 2013

London: Friday 9pm, 1st of November 2013

New York: Friday 5pm, 1st of November 2013

Dallas: Friday 4pm, 1st of November 2013

Los Angeles: Friday 2pm, 1st of November 2013


The teams

The teams that play tomorrow are top notch, five of the six players qualified for the final rounds of the ArenaLeague tournament and all of them are placed in the top 100 of the current EU ladder.


Cute Kappas

Simon (Boetar) - Arms Warrior

René (Swapxy) - Enhancement Shaman

Dennis (Summi) - Holy Paladin


Rest in Protein

Tim (Pyrocta) – Arms Warrior

Sebastian (Gìzmò) – Restoration Shaman

Dennis (Megâ) – Affliction Warlock