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Male, 46 years old, lives in Salt Lake City, United States


The new frame "Baruuk" got released today. My thoughts on him:

[Warframe] Baruuk
Baruuk is today's newly released warframe. His "spiel" is that he's a pacifistic martial artist who can be …

What I've found about kitguns so far

[Warframe] Kitgun Stuff
This post will try to encapsulate what I've learned about the kitguns so far. My 1st kitgun was one of the …

More Fortuna thoughts

[Warframe] More Fortuna Stuff
Some Fortuna Thoughts: In spite of it being said in a devstream that the K-Drive will be a better way to get …


[Warframe] Fortuna
A picture post - Hey lookit where I am! And there you have it. It's Plains of Eidolon 2.0. Quite fun!

Still playing Warframe. Completing quests, unlocking the star chart.... plus bits and bobs about other games I'm playing too.

[Warframe] MR24 plus Bits and Bobs
As you can see in the screenshot there, I made it to MR24 last night in Warframe. I haven't been posting much …

The new sacrifice quest was awesome. The new Excalibur Umbra frame is quite interesting too.

[Warframe] Non-Spoiler Sacrifice Post
I really enjoyed the quest. I like the look of the new warframe. The new mods that come with it are lovely …

Bunch of screenies I've taken over the past few weeks.

[Warframe] Picture Post
I'm mostly playing Warframe still, but occasional forays into Stellaris. I'm still trying to get a feel for …

1st looks at Pillars of Eternity 2. I've just barely dipped my toe in the water so far.

[Pillars of Eternity 2] Dipping a Toe
PoE2 released this week. Yay! I bought and installed it last night, but haven't done much more than dip a toe …

MR21 achieved. Khora's all right. Other bits and bobs.

[Warframe] Vauban Prime, Khora, MR 21
I got enough Mastery XP to be able to take the test a week or so ago. I looked up the test so I knew what I …

My experiences so far with the Plague Star event.

[Warframe] Plague Star Event
Last Thursday the Plague Star event began again and runs for 10 days, so up through this coming weekend. It's …

I've started in on the Plains of Eidolon. It's like a game within a game.

[Warframe] Starting Over, Sorta - Plains of Eidolon stuff
This past weekend I started to give the Plains of Eidolon a far more detailed look than the little that I did …

More warframe stuff

[Warframe] MR20 - Loadouts
I made it to MR20 on Monday night. The test was simply "race your archwing down to the end as fast as …

I've unlocked Eris now!

[Warframe] Progress is Slow but Happening
Earlier this week I left my old clan in Warframe. I was member #4, the other 3 members were all "leader" rank, …

More quests completed, and MR19 too!

[Warframe] MR19 and Bits and Bobs
As you can see from the screenshot above, I made it to MR19 this past week. The test was another one of those …

Mastery Rank 18!!!

[Warframe] MR18
That is all. Happy gaming out there!