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Male, 48 years old, lives in Salt Lake City, United States


I've started in on the Plains of Eidolon. It's like a game within a game.

[Warframe] Starting Over, Sorta - Plains of Eidolon stuff
This past weekend I started to give the Plains of Eidolon a far more detailed look than the little that I did …

More warframe stuff

[Warframe] MR20 - Loadouts
I made it to MR20 on Monday night. The test was simply "race your archwing down to the end as fast as …

I've unlocked Eris now!

[Warframe] Progress is Slow but Happening
Earlier this week I left my old clan in Warframe. I was member #4, the other 3 members were all "leader" rank, …

More quests completed, and MR19 too!

[Warframe] MR19 and Bits and Bobs
As you can see from the screenshot above, I made it to MR19 this past week. The test was another one of those …

Mastery Rank 18!!!

[Warframe] MR18
That is all. Happy gaming out there!

Still more Warframe stuff.

[Warframe] Still Plugging Away
Warframe wasn't the only thing I played this week -- I actually logged in to FFXIV for the 1st time in almost …

More warframe stuff

[Warframe] MR17 Completed
As you can tell from the title, progress continues. At least insofar as ranking up a variety of weapons and …

More impressions from additional play in Civ6: Rise and Fall --

[Civ6] Later Impressions
When I said I felt "done" with Civ6 in the last post, I kinda felt bad about that, so I created a new game -- …

I bought the Civ6 expansion this weekend. And honestly, I'm not really a fan. The loyalty system seems decent as a method of more or less keeping your civ contiguous and hopefully will help the AI not be so aggressive in forward-settling against you. But the "era score" system that determines golden vs dark ages is completely opaque, so you don't know what you need to do to get the points to be able to keep yourself "in good shape" and thus it feels more like a "find out how we want you to play" feature, rather than a "series of interesting choices" like Civ games are supposed to be.

[Civ6] Rise and Fall 1st Impressions
I've only played a few hours, as Warframe was calling me back to it, but I played a little way in as …

More Warframe stuff

[Warframe] MR15 and Loki Prime
As mentioned in yesterday's post, I was eligible to do the MR15 test, so I ran that last night. I did a …

I finished The War Within quest. Good stuff! But the Operator and Focus systems seem pretty limited right now. Even so... still nice to have.

[Warframe] The War Within Is Complete
I did The War Within on Monday night. Given how challenging some of the other quests have been, this one was …

Progress continues apace -- I've unlocked Sedna and am about to begin the War Within quest.

[Warframe] Progress Continues
Warframe continues to be my "gaming addiction" right now -- to the point where even though FFXIV's patch 4.2 …

Mods, mods, it's all about the mods.

[Warframe] It's All About The Mods
I mentioned this in a prior post, I think -- In Warframe it's the mods that really make the weapons. Each …

finally tried out multiplayer in Warframe. It takes a good game and makes it better!

[Warframe] Co-Op Makes the Game Go Faster
So I'd been avoiding multiplayer in Warframe like the plague... not becuz I'm opposed to multiplayer, but, …

I'm starting to feel like I know a little bit of what I'm doing in Warframe now. A little.....

[Warframe] Starting to Figure Things Out
I've had a bit more time in Warframe now, so I've had time to talk with my friend "J" who plays it and have …