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Astro Boy Omega Factor review (GBA)

Licensed games, just hearing that makes people think of low quality video games, however I think that some licenses can translate to games quite well if done by the right people. Most licensed companies use games to make a quick buck off a franchise, but some companies use games to create a great product that highlights the great aspects of their franchise and creates a worthwhile experience for the player. I never got into the Astro Boy franchise, but heard some good things about this game, so I decided to check it out, and after playing this game I kinda wish I did get into the franchise.

First thing I have to say is this is not a cash grab game, everything in this game is done excellently. The graphics look great, with some surprisingly high quality stills from the show during dialogue, and some very impressive in game graphics for the GBA. It has some detailed backgrounds and some well done character models that I think are pre-rendered. It also features some good use of colours and some fancy graphical effects such as scaling and rotation that look pretty good. The levels also have a good amount of variety with hazards, backgrounds, locations and even gameplay at some points, although many enemy models get reused during levels. The music is very upbeat and fits all the levels well, they can be very catchy and I still have some melodies stuck in my head.

Now its time for the most important part of the game, and that's the gameplay. Like the rest of the game, its great. Its mainly a 2d beat em up, and it flows really well. Combos are fun to pull off, there are a lot of different moves to use, and the controls work well for this game. You mainly punch, kick, and use specials in combat. There is also so platforming and this can be fun, you have jets that let you fly high into the air and over some obstacles, they are limited but they are powerful, and they are really fun to use. There is even some levelling in this game, but instead of collecting experience points, you level up by meeting characters either during the story, or sometimes hidden within the levels, which is a good change from the typical level-up system from other games, and eliminates the need to grind (although you need to search the stages a little more than usual). The bosses and well designed and fun to fight with some good attack patterns and not a lot of obvious weak points, though spamming special attacks makes them a little too easy ( On the lower difficulties anyway).There are also a few stages that turn the game into a 2d shoot em up, its a fun change and they are well done, but I do prefer the other stages. I do have one major problem with this game, and that is the difficulty. On easy you have 30 specials, enemies go down fairly easy and your attacks do a fair amount of damage, you might die a few times, but that won't happen too often, the specials are a little overpowered and having so many makes this game kinda a breeze. However playing on normal makes the game WAY too difficult. You only start out with 5 specials, the enemies deal out a ton of damage and your attacks feel underpowered. Also while playing I decided to focus my levelling on my health since I was losing too much health from single hits, I got to the first boss on the last level, and I could not win since he requires specials to defeat, and my specials weren't powerful enough. Making a game that is impossible to beat if played a certain way, that's not a good thing. So even though it's a little too easy, play on easy mode, normal is not fair and is way too much of a jump in difficulty (I haven't tried hard but I imagine it's one of the most difficult gaming challenges out there).

Overall despite the issues I had, its one of the best licensed games I've played. It is very well made and is great fun to play. It is one of the hidden gems on the GBA and I was even willing to buy it twice (once as a child, once as an adult). The game costs between 20-50$ online used, and that's quite a lot for a GBA game, however it does offer 20$ worth of content with its replay value and diverse gameplay. It lasts 10-20 hours to complete and I think its worth picking up if you are looking for a hidden gem on the GBA library.


Woah Dave! review (3DS)

When I downloaded Woah Dave! I wasn't sure what to expect, it looked fun but I wanted to know what it offered, I only bought it because it was on sale and didn't really know what I was getting, but now I played it. So I got it, I played it, the next step is to review it, lets get to it.

Woah Dave! is an extremely simple arcade like game. There are eggs on screen and monsters hatch out of them, you want to destroy as many eggs and monsters as you can to collect coins, you throw skulls to destroy things easily and occasionally something like a bat or UFO will attack, on easy mode there is also a platform that monsters can't reach you on, but it is slowly disappearing throughout the game. It sounds like a lot, but that's the entire game, your only goal is to collect as many coins as possible before you die. There are achievements and 2 difficulties, but that is all the game offers, however it is really hard to complain about because the game is so damn fun. The graphics are some simple 8-bit pixel graphics and the 3d doesn't add much, it helps the old school arcade feel of the game, but isn't anything special. The music is very limited but very catchy, it has some great chiptunes and the music gets better the longer you last in the game, which is really great and it helps the choatic feel the game is going for ( a game can go for more than one feel).

Overall the game is great fun, and what it lacks in content it makes up for in simple but fun gameplay. The game is extremely easy to pick up and play and has a lot of replay value, despite lacking in variety. I got this game for a dollar on sale and I think it was a great buy, however it is usually around 6$, and that's a large price for this type of game. There are cheaper games with more content available, but there are also more expensive games that aren't as fun and easy to pick up and play as this one, if you are looking for a fun simple game, this is a good choice, but if you want a little more bang for your buck, perhaps wait for a sale.


Smash Bros for 3DS review (3DS)

This is a review I've wanted to do for a while, I love the Smash Bros game, they are my favourite fighting games out there, and when a portable version was announced, I was excited, to say the least. However many things suffer when they get downsized to portable, so there was a chance that this game could have the same fate as many others, so how did it turn out.

The gameplay is the same as all the others in the series, use a combination of regular attacks, specials, and some blocks and dodges to stay on the screen, weaken your opponent, and launch them off the screen, its fun and its unique and it is great in this version. The new characters are all fun to play as, and older characters have been improved, its now more balanced, and there are no longer over powered characters (except maybe Little Mac), each character has its own strengths and weaknesses to fit any play-style, and its great, finding your main is longer just looking for the cheapest characters, but now you have to find which characters suits you, and which ones work best against your opponents, its amazing how just changing the balance of characters can make the game so much more deep. The game isn't the perfect smash game though, it falls short in many things that the past games got right, most notably is features. Many of the great modes such as Event and Adventure, are gone, and they were some of my favourites. Coin and Stamina battles have also been removed, and you can't even change item frequency. Even the character selection screen looks bland making this feel like a very bare bones version of Smash. There are some new modes in this version, target blast is a fun little distraction, and Smash Run is really fun. The returning modes like Multi Man Smash, Home Run Contest, and All Star mode are fleshed out and better than ever, and trying these modes with the new characters adds a whole new experience to veteran players like myself. If you aren't familiar with the series, they are mostly mini games that use the mechanics of the game for you to complete a goal, such as launch a sandbag as far as you can, or defeat a large amount of foes without dying. The most improved mode is probably classic, a mode where you just beat a series of opponents until you reach the boss, the game board gives it a good feel, and being able to pick the path you want for better reward is great, although the item randomiser before each match is annoying, it shouldn't allow you to get 0 items on a hard path, if it just picked the type of item and then the amount is determined by difficulty, then it would be fine, but randomizing the amounts is just a bad decision. Its still great though and Classic is at it's best in this game. Customs are probably my favorite new feature in this game, it makes picking your main quite deep and fun, allowing you to change strength, defence, speed, and special attacks. Trying all sorts of combinations for different characters to find the ultimate character to beat your friends with, that is so much fun.

This game is a must have for 3DS owners, Smash works so well as a portable game. It does remove some great features from past games buts adds so many great new ones. There is so much I could talk about for this game, but that would take a really long time. It is filled with challenges and unlockables, and even when you do complete it, its still so fun to just fight random battles and beat your friends. I bought this game on launch in October, and I still play it regularly. It is $45, but it is well worth the high price, since it offers more content than most games, and it is one you won't put down for a while. I heard the Wii U version was better, but I haven't played it. All I know that this is one of the best fighting games on the 3DS and anyone who buys this won't be disappointed.


Elite Beat Agents review (Nintendo DS)

I'm back, and now I'm going to review Elite Beat Agents. This game was one that I heard many good things about, but it didn't look too interesting to me, and I didn't like all the pop songs in that were in it, however this game was on sale for only 2 dollars, so I decided to give it a try, and I sure am happy I did.

Elite Beat Agents is about a group of agents who come to the rescue of people who need help, the problem can range from something a small as a babysitter who's trying to get closer to her boyfriend, to helping a little girl connect with her dead father. The problems can be sad at times most of them are silly, and the silly problems usually have a good sense of humour and a lot of creativity with them. The songs are mostly pop songs, which I am not a fan of, but they do throw in a bit of rock in there as well, and even the songs I don't like fit the game well, which each song fitting the situation of the problem. I also found that the selection of songs are better than most pop songs, there's not Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga on here, the songs are much better than most pop songs we usually hear, they are quite catchy, and as I said above, fit the game quite nicely. The songs are mostly done by cover bands, and I got to say, most of the time I couldn't tell the difference, and when I did I still thought the cover bands did a great job.

The gameplay is very simple, you tap the dots that appear on screen, you do that in order of the number on the dots, and also according to the rhythm of the song playing, its very simple but when put with everything else in this game, its quite fun. The graphics are outstanding in this game, they don't push the limits of the DS, but they are just amazing to look at, the cutscences are shown in a 2D comic book style, which looks great, always so much variety in the backgrounds and each character looks unique. During gameplay the agents, they are 3D models, and the animation of them is fantastic, the dancing is well detailed and very enjoyable to watch. The people who made this game weren't going for a game that uses new graphics chips and a ton of ram to push the hardware limits, they just took what they knew the DS good handle and made the game look a good as it could within the limits, and it looks amazing, better than some games that try to push the system.

Elite Beat Agents is a wonderful game for anyone looking for a good rhythm game, the game is filled with charm and the graphics are gorgeous. The songs are all well done and fit the game well, making this a rhythm game worth playing. It costs about 15 dollars for a copy, which is well worth it. The game takes 5 hours to beat, but there are multiple difficulties, and getting the A ranks makes this game very replayable.


Super Mario Land review (Game Boy)

Has anyone here played a Game Boy? Then likely you played Mario Land, it is one of the most popular Game Boy games out there, and in a way, one of the most important. This game proved to many people that portable gaming could be as big as console gaming, by bringing one of the biggest names in gaming, Mario, on the go.

The gameplay of this game is exactly what you expect, its Mario. You run, jump, collect power ups and make it to the goal. The levels have different aesthetics than other Mario games, but it still feels like Mario. There are some changes however, fireballs are replaced with bouncy balls, that go flying in the air as soon as they hit the ground, and water levels have been replaced with shooting levels, which feel a little out of place in a Mario game, but they are still very fun. The music in this game is light and bouncy, and fits Mario as well, its not the most memorable soundtrack in the series, but it still sounds great. The graphics are pretty good, they are very similar to the first Super Mario Bros, but there are very unique looking levels and enemies, and all of the are well detailed, like enemy robots and cave levels, all of these look like they should, and still fit into Mario well, even though they are a little strange. This is one of the earliest Game Boy so the graphics don't really push the system to its limits, but it still plays great.

This game changed portable gaming forever, however like many great things, it still started small. The gameplay is pretty spot on for Mario Bros, however it is only 4 worlds, that's half the length of the original Super Mario Bros, and the levels feel much shorter as well. That's the biggest downfall for this game, however this game was made to show the world that console quality games can exists on portables, and in that way, this game was a great success, however now its a little harder to recommend today because the Game Boy now has many games that take full advantage of the Game Boy's technology and improve on what made Mario Land such a game changer. If you are looking for a fun, easy to play Mario game for on the go, or want to see what made portable gaming what it is, then you should get this game, otherwise you might be better off picking up the sequel instead.


  • Aug 2, 2014, 3:39:16 AM

I changed the format of how I write reviews a little bit, I found my older reviews were a little boring, so I hope this slightly different format is better

Super Mario Land 2 review (Game Boy)

Super Mario Land 2 is a platformer game for the Game Boy. It is a sequel to Super Mario Land and is part of the very popular Mario franchise.

This game is fantastic in almost every way possible. It has the classic Mario gameplay, with a spin jump added in for good measure. The gameplay is great, but what really makes the game is the level design. Every level is unique, it feels different, it plays different than any other level in any Mario game. It has levels based off of nature, space, fairy tales, and Halloween. Its so strange but so great, and its amazing how well these gimmicks work in this game, it allows this game to give a great and unique experience for any Mario fan. The graphic are also amazing, not only does each level play unique, but looks unique as well. The sprites look great as well, the backgrounds have great detail, everything just looks amazing for the Game Boy. The music is very good and catchy, just like most Mario games.

This game is just fantastic, the only real problem is the length, it only has 6 worlds. I beat it in about 2 days, however it is only 3.99, it is amazing, and very replayable. It is well worth getting for any 3ds or Game Boy owners.


Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX review (GBC)

Link's Awakening DX is a Game Boy Color game released by Nintendo. It is an remake of a Game Boy game called Link's Awakening (not surprisingly).

Link's Awakening plays like most 2d Zelda games, you have a top down view and you have to collect a certain amount of items by completing dungeons. It sounds simple, but its not, there's a ton of exploring to do, and secrets, in fact this game seems to have more exploring than most Zelda games. The game requires completion of side quests in order to complete certain puzzles, which is not unheard of in Zelda, it isn't common either, and since the game can still give you hints to how to find the items you need, it doesn't feel too tricky and gives the player a better excuse to explore the game. The dungeons are well designed and the game is as fun as any Zelda game. The music is very catchy, however its a little more repetitive than most games in the series, it can be annoying, however the quality is still there so you the repetitive music isn't too much of a problem. The graphics aren't anything that amazing, since this is just an updated Game Boy game, however it still looks nice.

What I said above may not of made this game sound that great, but its Zelda, and it still has Zelda quality to it. It lasts 10-20 hours, and is only about $6 on the Eshop. It manages to take the awesome series of Zelda and scale it down to the portable screen quite successfully .


Bird and Beans review (DSI)

Bird and Beans is a arcade style DSI game. It is inspired by a minigame from the WarioWare series and is published by Nintendo.

Bird and Beans is basically a collection of 2 very simple games. Both games are very similar, you are a bird, beans are falling from the sky and taking down blocks on the floor, and you have to get rid of the beans. Its very simple, but its still fun. The only difference between the 2 games is in one, you grab the beans with your tongue, and the farther the distance you grab the beans, the more points you get, and in the other, you shoot the beans, and get more points if you hit more than one at a time. I personally prefer the second one, but they aren't a whole lot different, and they are both fun. The graphics are simple 2d graphics, but they are nice to look at. The music is catchy but it gets repetitive. The game doesn't have an end, and you are only playing for points, so it has more of an arcade feel to it.

The game has some fun gameplay, but even though it has some replayability, it still gets repetitive, and thats due to the lack of content. The game is only really 2, very similar minigames, and while they are good minigames, they still don't feel like something thats I would pay for. The only thing is, the game is $2, so for that price, its hard to say bad things about this game, even if its low on content. If you have $2 to spend on the Eshop or DSIshop and don't know what to do with it, this might be a fun game, however I don't think this is a game you should be heading to the Eshop just to download.


Scribblenauts Unlimited review (3DS)

Scribblenauts Unlimited is an action-puzzle (don't know how else to describe it) game for the 3DS. It features the ability to create objects and add adjectives to almost anything.

This is my first time playing a Scribblenauts game, and I have to say, its pretty good. The objective of the game is to find people who need help, and use your abilities to help them, its pretty simple, but your abilities allow you to do this in any way you like. If somebody needs something to fly in, you can give them a plane, or you can give them a giant winged cat, its entirely up to you. You do have to create things that will help the person, but other than that the game allows for a lot of creativity while solving its puzzles Its really fun trying to solve the puzzles in the silliest way you can think of, and the game allows you to create anything from weapons, to even people, so it has a lot of possibilities. There is one frustrating in it, and that there are some pretty noticeable omissions that can get frustrating, there were puzzles that I found difficult to solve, because what you needed wasn't included, for example there is a part where you have to feed a vampire, but theres no blood in the game, you can't use bloody as an adjective and that made it hard. There are also other instances in the game, but don't worry, this game has an amazing amount of objects and adjectives in the game, and most of the time, anything you can think of will be created if you want it to. This game was a port of a Wii U game, but it doesn't looked scaled down in any way which is nice, but that said its not the most visually impressive game either, it has a nice, colorful, cartoonish 2d look to it, and it is pleasant to the eyes, but it doesn't look like its an hd game, and it doesn't seem to be pushing the 3DS's limits, but its still good. The music to this game is decent, but it doesn't add much, its mostly some lighthearted but forgetful tunes in the background, although I find the music is usually pretty quiet, even when I put the volume to the max.

This game is about $20, and it offers a good amount of content for that price. It is a good game for anyone since it lets you go at your own pace, you can complete every puzzle in every area if you want a lot of gameplay and challenge, or just complete the easy ones to make it to the end and nothing else. That makes the accessible to any type of gamer, hardcore or casual. The game is very fun and takes about 10-20 hours to complete, plus there are many bonus challenges in the game as well, so it lasts a long time. Anyone who enjoys being silly or creative will enjoy this game, its very fun, and well made.


Super Mario 3d Land review (3DS)

Super Mario 3d land is a 3d platform game for the 3DS (its also in 3d if you didn't figure it out). Its is developed and published by Nintendo and is also one of the systems best sellers.

The gameplay feels unique, but it still feels like Mario, where it is a well designed platformer filled with powerups, enemies, and flagpoles. However what makes it unique is that most 3D Mario games are less linear than the 2D games and focus on collecting certain items rather than making it to a goal. This changes that, and when you play it, it doesn't feel like a 3D Mario game, it feels like a 2D game in a 3D environment, and that gives it a really unique feel. That changes also makes levels shorter and requires less searching around, which fits a portable game more nicely since you don't have a lot of time to find stars or red coins while sitting on a bus. The game has a very casual feel, which is nice for a portable title, but perhaps a little too casual. The game gives out lives at a very fast rate, and its easy to finish the game with over 100 lives. The levels also aren't extremely difficult, there may be a few that cause you to die and lose some lives, but after a few tries anyone can complete the levels, no matter how well they play video games. This makes the game more accessible, but I would of liked some more difficult challenges for hardcore players such as myself, there is a special world after you beat the game, but even that doesn't offer a lot of challenge. However its still Mario, this isn't meant to be hard, just fun, and it succeeds at that. The graphics look very good, everything is clear, there is a good 3d effect, and everything looks great. It is nothing that will blow you away, but it is still very pretty and is filled with color and and depth. The music is mostly remixes from past games with a bit of original music thrown in, its upbeat and enjoyable, but pretty forgettable. The story is no different than any other Mario game: Bowser kidnaps Peach, you rescue her, thats it. That is a old story but it works, its gives me a reason to hop and platform all over these fun levels, and thats good enough.

The game takes 10-20 hours to beat, and is extremely replayable, it is a game I go back to regularly despite beating it on many occasions because it is so much fun. It might not be made for hardcore gaming, but its great for anyone who wants to sit down for a while with a fun, relaxing game, or just for someone who wants to play a few short levels while waiting for a cab. It may not have the best story, but it is one of the most fun games on the 3DS. It cost 30-40 dollars, which can be a lot, but for what it offers it is well worth it, since most people will go back to it quite often.


No review this week

If you didn't notice I didn't post a review yesterday, I've been pretty busy so I didn't have a chance to do a review. Don't worry, I plan on reviewing one next week.

Sonic The Hedgehog review (Game Gear)

Sonic the Hedgehog is a platform game, and is based off of the Genesis game with the same name. This is one of Sonic's first game, and Sonic later became the mascot of Sega and one of the most famous video game characters of all time.

Sonic the Hedgehog plays like you expect, you run and jump, you can roll down slopes for extra speed, and you have to destroy robots, make it to the goal, then fight the boss and save the animals at the end of each world. The core gameplay is not extremely different than the Genesis version, or any classic Sonic game for that matter, but this is not just a 8-bit version of the first Sonic game. There are many levels in the game that did not appear in the Genesis version, and aside from Green Hill all the music in the game is original. The music is very good, its different than the music from the Genesis, but it sounds great, its all really catchy and really well done. The game is extremely difficult, and in this game rings don't fly out of Sonic, no matter how many rings you have only one ring flies out, and it is extremely hard to catch and falls off the screen as soon as it comes out, which really increases the challenge. The game can be really fast, but it is more platform based than other Sonic game, and there are many levels that you will die if you try to speed through them, however the levels are really well designed, and the controls aren't too slippery so the platforming isn't extremely frustrating, and the game does have many fast paced parts as well, so its a good mix of platforming and speed. The graphics look nice, everything is colorful, sprites are well made, and it looks true to the original game, this is exactly what I would imagine a 8-bit Sonic the Hedgehog.

This game is short with only a few worlds, but it will take more than one play through to complete due to its huge difficulty. This is not the greatest Sonic game ever, but its very fun, and any Sonic fan will probably enjoy playing this game, its good for playing at home, or on the go. Its only $4.99 on the 3DS Eshop, and its a fun game that you will not regret buying if you enjoyed other Sonic games. Far from perfect, but well worth playing.


Project X Zone review (3DS)

Project X Zone is a RPG game for the 3DS and it is also a crossover between Sega, Namco, and Capcom. The game features characters, stages, and music from franchises that are owned by those three companies and a story that is meant to connect the universes.

Project X Zone plays like a tactical RPG, where characters move on a grid, and each character have special skills that can give them advantages. The battle system is confusing at first, but is quite simple when you figure it out. All you are trying to do is keep attacking as long as you can, and to keep getting combos. You can get support and solo attacks that allow another character to join you in battle to get more damage and have the XP bar (its not like EXP, its more similar to MP) fill up more quickly. It is a really fun battle system, but it can get repetitive, fortunately new characters and new moves are added into the game the more you get into it, so that really helps make it feel less repetitive. The story tries to be deep, but really its just about video game characters teleporting into different worlds and beating up what ever bad guys are there. They put a lot of plot, and try to give some backstory, but it is really confusing. However just because the story isn't great, the dialogue is actually pretty decent, it has a good sense of humor, and even though this game has an extremely large cast of characters, they all have a chance to take in the spotlight, none of them get overshadow, and they all show their personalities quite well. However even the characters are good, this is a crossover game, and players will want to be able to recognize characters in the game, unfortunately many players will not be able to. There are many characters from extremely obscure and even Japan exclusive games, this is understandable since this game was not meant to come to North America, so the cast was made for the audience in Japan, however it may still be a disappointment to people hoping to see their favorite Sega, Namco and Capcom characters, and instead getting characters that they never heard of. Nothing could be done about this problem, but is still is a disappointment that could turn some people away from this game. The music in this game is very good, with some great original music, and some remixes from other games as well, it is very enjoyable to listen to, and I think that changing the music every time you play as a different character was actually a nice touch. The graphics look great as well, the attacks are filled with amazing effects and they are very nice to look at, although a little overwhelming at times. The characters all look great and the animations are very well done.

This game does not appeal to everyone, controls do take time to get used to, and this game is meant for longer play sessions. Many people who played this game did not like it, and when I first played, I didn't either. However after some time I came to enjoy this game very much. It lasts an extremely long time, I haven't beaten it yet, but I estimate from what I read it could last 30-50 hours, which is very good for a portable RPG. It can be found for under $20 and free demos are available on the Eshop. I suggest trying the demos before you buy the full thing, and if you enjoy the demos then I would recommend buying this game.


The Legendary Starfy review (DS)

The Legendary Starfy is a 2D action game for the DS, it is a part of a franchise in Japan, however in North America this is currently the only Starfy game released.

The gameplay is very simple, however at the same time it is very fun. Most of the game takes place underwater, where Starfy swims around to solve puzzles and fights enemies, there is also some platforming sections on the ground, but these are pretty simple. There are pearls to collect, but they don't do much, they are just for unlockable costumes and for regaining health. Overall it is very fun, although never feeling totally unique. Although that is not everything the game has to offer, the game is constantly changing, and that is one of its strongest points, new moves get introduced, new powerups come up every few levels, and each level plays different, as an example a snow level has slippery platforms and has Starfy rolling around in a snowball, while the volcanic level has you pushing rock to block steam from stopping your path. Nothing totally unique, similar gimmicks have been seen in other games before, but it helps change things up, and it is always very fun. This is not a game made for hardcore gamers however, it is colorful and simple in gameplay, with plenty of save spots, health refill, and not a ton of difficulty. It does have a lot of content and a interesting for more intermediate players, but it is pretty apparent this was made for a younger audience. However although I may of liked a bit more challenge, I actually like the way the developer made the game accessible to children while still putting enough for hardcore players as well. The music is enjoyable, but also a little repetitive, not the greatest soundtrack on the DS, however it isn't terrible and it does add to the levels, each one fitting the environment quite nicely. The graphics also look very nice, they aren't really pushing the DS's limit, they fit the game quite nicely, and the game uses some 3d models at certain point in the game, and it looks really good with the other colorful 2D art in the game.

This game is a good DS game for almost any kind of gamer, since it offers a good amount of content, without being extremely difficult. I found this game for $10, and I saw many copies on the self, so since it is so cheap, I would definitely recommend picking this one up if looking for a cheap, fun, well made DS game. Its not quite perfect, it is still very fun, and very well made.


3D Classics: Kid Icarus review (3DS)

3D Classics: Kid Icarus is a remake of the classic NES game for the 3DS. It has everything from the original games, with new 3D backgrounds and improved controls.

This game is a 2D action game, and a very good one. The levels are well designed and they offer plenty of challenge, taking out enemies is fun and it is very fun trying to rack up points and find secrets hidden in the levels. The main game is fun, but it has some flaws, some enemies can be very cheap and frustrating, such as enemies that steal power ups and the infamous Eggplant Wizards. The game also have dungeons that just aren't as fun as the other levels, although they still can be pretty enjoyable as well. The visuals are very good, this game was good looking on the NES (for its time), and this remake improves upon those graphics. The backgrounds look fantastic and fit the levels, for the most part. The 3D effect really looks amazing in this game as well, and if you set the 3D to full depth, its really Eye-Popping. The audio of the game is probably the game's biggest downfall. The music is fantastic, but the sound effects, well they're NES era sound effects, not exactly music to your ears. Thats not a issue that I have a hard time forgiving, but they are WAY louder than the music, it annoys me and everyone around me, I want to play with sound because I love the music, but its so hard to, especially since this game is louder than most 3DS games, with the sound effects at least. I know sound does not effect the gameplay, but it was a real annoyance. However I still enjoyed playing this game, and it was very fun and offered a lot of challenge.

This game only lasts a couple of hours, but its also only $6.49. Its not a game for everyone, because it has a pretty high difficulty, and it has aged a little since the 80s. However if you are a fan of classic NES games, then you will probably really enjoy it. It is very replayable and most importantly it is very fun.