Want to know what badass armour your future hero could wear or craft in Tamriel this 4 april 2014? Watch the video, and pick up your favourite!

While I'm a bit surprised by the silhouette used for a 2014 game, which give the armour a rigid style, I'm very enthousiastic about the style and the racial flavour each armours have. Each race model really fit the Lore, and give something extra that make you want to go for this races instead of that one.
I really love when races in a game have different armour style. This is somthing that had been explored very well in games such as Tera Online and Guild Wars2.

Personally, I LOVE the Khajiit armour, and the Argonians ones. The Khajiit shield is so cool that it's one of the deciding argument for me to roll a Khajiit instead of a Altmer as I was firstly considering.
Yeeees, I know you can craft all armour if your learn them, but still...A Khajiit armour would be sort of not as cool on a long, thin and eleguant Altmer.

And you? What's your favourite?