This was not what i had planed for my first blog entry here, but here goes.

I should warn everyone reading this that the this post contains some harsh language and my personal opinion based on what i saw.
The titles discussed here are:

  • Halo 4

  • Fifa 13

  • Forza Horizon

  • Nike+ Kinect Training

  • XBox 360 News

  • Tomb Raider

  • Resident Evil 6

  • South Park

  • Dance Central 3

  • Call of Duty Black Ops 2

I divided each title in paragraphs so it's easier to navigate. So if you don't want to search for the specific title, just hit CTRL+F to search for it.

Halo 4 
I've never played much of Halo (except for the first one) so to me Halo 4 looked kinda cool,also  the graphics were really great.

Fifa 13 
Kinect voice support on Fifa 13 seemed like a nice new addition to the game. The fact that when we scream at the ref in real life can have repercussions in-game is cool but i'm guessing it will also be frustrating.

Forza Horizon 
It looked like any other racing simulator to me, not much to say here.

Nike+ Kinect Training
Nike+ Kinect Training isn't based on a new idea but seems like its something that will work. And it wil help boost XBox360 and Kinect sales, especially to middle age housewives i guess.

XBox 360 News
After that came Internet Explorer for XBox 360 and the fact that we will be able to connect to the console from our smartphone, our tablet and probably our toilet.. I personally hate IE. It's a web developers worst enemy and the scum of browsers. But who knows, they might have actually been able to finally make it good. Only time will tell.

Tomb Raider 
I have to confess that i'm pretty excited with the new Tomb Raider, but after watching the gameplay footage i was a little turned down by the game. They showed 2 or 3 minutes of gameplay and then 5 of cutscenes. Yeah, it's cool that we have to press the X button so that she doesn't fall of the cliff, but after that she fall in a river, and then down a waterfall and into a plane and then she pulls her parachute and goes right against every freaking tree branch in sight, in the middle of that we get some Quick Time Events, but to me that is not enough. And to top it all, during all this time she doesn't stop screaming. Seems like we are watching a really weird and twisted porn movie.
After that, they even decided to announce that the first DLC for the game is going to be on XBox360 first. My question is: Why the fuck do they keep doing that?
I still remember when i bought a game and it came all on the disc. And if the developers wanted to add more stuff to the game, they would release expansions and those really added more stuff to the game. not just some stupid skins and other fucking cosmetic items that don't enrich our experience in any way (unless you acount for the feeling of being ripped off big time).

Resident Evil 6 
This game was a nice surprise, they seem to be returning to zombies as enemies. The flow of game seemed a lot like RE5.
Overall it seemed like it was directed by Michael Bay.
My only question is why the hell is that train running it the city is infested by zombies (or whatever they are).

South Park
The South Park game looked cool. I have no idea if any of what was shown was actual gameplay but it was still cool. And having Matt Stone and Trey Parker on stage was also pretty cool.

Dance Central 3
After South Park we were treated to Dance Central 3, and what better way to present a dancing game than having some celebrity dancing live on stage. As for actual game images, we were shown some clips of the game that looked like Kinect Star Wars (i still can't believe George Lucas actually approved that piece of shit) but with different backgrounds.

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 
To me, the biggest disappointment came last, in the name of Call of Duty Black Ops 2.
What the hell are they trying to do with the game?
Flying turrets, what looks like a PipBoy on the characters arm, and a weapon with a sight that can see trough walls.
If they actually put that weapon in Multiplayer people wont even need to Wallhack.
Apart from that, the setting seems too much like Modern Warfare 3.
On a positive note i think the addition of women to the game is a good idea. We only see one woman (the US president i believe) but we also hear another one. I don't remember ever seeing a woman before on those games so i enjoyed the addition.

To finish, i really didn't enjoy the Microsoft press conference and i really hope the others are better.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and i will try to post my thoughts on all the other press conferences during E3.

Thank you all for reading.