Greetings everyone,

Whitestar is before everything a multigaming community that focus on its members and to build long standing friendship beyond games. Our primary goal is and will always be our community.
This means that – in the countrary of most guilds - we evolve arround our members interests instead of adapting our community to our gaming ambitions.

We have just started ArcheAge and we are thrilled to expand our Community in that game. We have no precise goal nor ambition for now. We let ourselves the time to discover the game, learn it and enjoy it . Our guild and our goals will be build step by step as we gather more members.
If you want to be part of a new project, a strong and friendly community that stick together accross many games, and being actively contributing to a guild taking shape in ArcheAge, Whitestar may be the right guild for you.

Faction: West (Elf and Nuian)
Server: Nui
Guild Leader: @Internet
Officers: @Elloa (temporary)

Why we play it?
What attracted us in ArcheAge are the endless possibilities of adventures and the fact that there is not a clear path to follow. As ArcheAge is a Free to Play game, we have selected it to be our next Community game.

What are our ambitions?
Honestly, we have no idea yet where we are going, but we know that we want to explore this game together. Some will level fast. Some will take their time. We are building our guild in this new game, and only future will tell the direction we are taking. We might become prosperous merchants, or exiled pirates!

Why Nui? We started on Kyprosa, mostly because we had dear friends playing there. But the long queues and the character restriction excluded a lot of our members to attempt to play the game. We decided to start anew on Nui, a change that allowed us to build a small guild village in Marianople and to enjoy the game fully all together

  • Players that are seaking for a new home where to enjoy games at their own rythm.
  • Players that value the community above anything else.
  • Players that are dynamic, joyful, passionated.
  • We need more Damage Dealers! Everyone wants to heal or tank in Whitestar!

What can you expect from us?

  • A growing community established in ESO, Wildstar and World of Warcraft
  • A warm hearted environment where your person will matter and will be welcomed
  • Organized events, dynamic forums, fun and contests
  • A Council that listen to the members feedback and wishes

What we expect from you?

  • To be an overall nice person
  • To believe in our project and agree with our ideals
  • To be an active member of our community, no matter the games you play or do not play

Interested to know more about us?
Check out our forums on, the social network for gamers: