Tonight myself, Rae, Tam and Kodra talk about all manner of things. Tam finds a hidden jar of Nutella, Kodra delivers a sermon on the benefits of Galaxy Trucker, Rae gushes about her new Dinosaur Hunter... and I try and keep things going along smoothly in the process. We have a long ramble about Dragon Age again, this time talking about Kodra's struggle to get into the story. He has finally "gotten off the citadel" to borrow a phrase from Mass Effect 1. We also talk about how each of us approaches the characters we play in creating a personal story behind them. We talk about my struggles with Destiny this week and finally hitting the point where I am starting to feel it is entirely too grindly. Finally we talk about what Blizzard might be announcing at Blizzcon, and we go off on a speculative tour about what genres we think they might do reviving and polishing to a shine. It was a rather packed podcast and we realistically could have probably gone on for another hour and a half.