Next Sunday, I organise a Team Treasure hunt in Stros M'Kai, wich is a place that is very fitting for treasure hunting! It's also the hollidays destination of Whitestar!
All particiants will be placed in a team of two, and will have to collaborate, be the fastest, the smartest and beat all other teams to earn a lot of gold! Their goal: find the hidden Whitestarians to collect words and figure out the answer of the secret question.

Rules: Five Whitestarians will be hidden somewhere on the island of Stros M'Kai. Find them to obtain a clue to find the other Whitestarians, and one of the words to form the secret question. Teams will have one hour to find then and figure out the answer of the Secret question.
Reward: Each team will have to make a bet in gold to participate, the minimum being 100 gold and maximum being 1 000 gold. The winning team (the one that figured out the answer before the others ) will earn all bets that I'll double. (so if all teams bets together are worth 5000 gold, I'll add 5000 gold)

Help: I need 4 volunteers for this event that will be the hidden Whitestarians. We will prepare the emplacement and the clues for this event together by private message! Please contact me if you want to be a NPC for this Treasure Hunt!

Hope to see a lot of people joining! Sign up the event if you want to be part of it!