Hey Everyone! Thought I'd go ahead and post this here for those who haven't seen it yet.

Live Auction
After a year Blue Skooma Roleplayers is still holding it's weekly live, player run auction in the AD North American Server! The auction takes place every Saturday at 10pm EST. Come meet us at the Merchant's Plaza in Marbruk, Greenshade! Everyone is welcome to join us!

Selling Items
If you would like to add your own items into the auction, contact @Ice_Eye or @Sweet_Roll_Thief in game, if the item sells, the guild takes a 10% cut and mails you the rest.

Soul Raffle
We also do what we call the 50/50 Soul Raffle, previously exclusive to guild members, which is now completely open to the public!

What is a 50/50 Raffle?
What we do is we charge 500 gold for a ticket, 250 gold goes towards the guild coffers and 250 gold goes into the jackpot. We do this throughout the week and announce the winner at the auction. there is also a runner up prize of assorted items that vary every week.