*you see a letter pinned at the door after you left your house. It looks rough and a little crumbled but you unpin it. Attached to the writing are some little paintings of a woman behind a counter and some other pictures of groups and activities. You begin reading the written text in little faded ink*

Dear Whitestar member,

as you are part of our guild for quite a time we gladly invite you to our weekly night in the tavern in Rivenspire. You shall share some meat and mead with your friends and family, you may even bring a pet or bodyguard of yours, as this countryside is known for threat by vampires.

Day: every Tirdas
Time: starts at 20 pm but you are gladly invited to be there earlier, later or any time that day
Place: Rivenspire, Shornhelm, the local tavern "the Dead Wolf Inn"

*you can see a little map sketched next to the writing*

If you never have been in this place you are free to send a letter to a guild member who will gather his/her mights of magicka and summone you to the place.

There are no duties this night as heroes also need time to rest and brag about their victories or share stories of fallen comrades. But we never know which activities can be followed by simply sharing a beer together..

*you take a look at the attached little paintings again*

*you put those away again, puzzled by the picture of the naked man, clearly not meant for you to recieve*

Looking forward to see you on Tirdays!

(link to event)