When I proposed this award to @Belghast, I clearly didn't have any idea how much bigger this year was going to be compared to last year or how many Hearts you all were willing to give out. Nice learning experience and I'll likely change my method next year! I hope Anook served as a useful platform for you all and I'm hoping you all continue to share your writing with us for the rest of the year as well. I'm hounding our development team about making it easier for you all to do so, and our buddy @SurDaft just finished his latest version of the Anook WordPress plugin and a universal one still to come.

One advantage to the vote method is nobody can Heart their own posts, so this really was all up the reading community. There was some really stand out posts that really drew in the Hearts but in the end, there was a definite winner who took the lead by a narrow margin. So congratulations to @Aywren! She'll be receiving Cities Skylines and one of our super-secret-I-promise-they'll-be-public-soon T-shirts!

Thank you again to all you bloggers for making the event awesome and thanks @Belghast for making this a thing!