Star Lord

He's the leader of the gang but more like the first among equals. Takes care of daily guild business and organisation of anything you can imagine. Tries to be a shining beacon to all his fellow guildies and is always there for you if you need something or want to talk. Contrary to popular belief he does NOT have superpowers, though he does seem to have above average knowledge on everything WoW-related

Current occupant: @Savian
Guild powers: Any and all


Seconds in command and trusty advisors to the Star Lord, Supernovas try to help out with whatever they can if the Star Lord isn't there or if he's too busy. Supernovas are always very long-term members who've proven their loyalty and integrity beyond a doubt.

Current occupants: @Agagor
Guild powers: All except guildbank gold withdrawal

Elder Whitestar

This slightly exclusive group of members are those that have served the Whitestar cause for a considerable amount of time and may even have helped form this ever-expanding family. Elder Whitestarians are elusive creatures who may not be seen a lot but their presence is always felt.
Their loyalty is only overshadowed by their contributions to the community as a whole.

Current occupants: @Elloa, @Internet, @Nyah, @Nehr, @Alakina, @Sharlena
Guild powers: Access to officer chat and special guild bank tabs, can invite members but not demote or remove them


The beating heart of Whitestar made up of everyone that has shown they are willing and able to be a part of this community. A wide range of newly-promoted Stars and near-veteran members, they make up the core of the guild and the bulk of the members.
Being a Whitestarian has both perks and responsibilities, least of all being kind to one another and strangers no matter what. Having the Whitestar banner over your head means you value our ideals and continue to spread them on your journeys through the World of Warcraft.

Current occupants: many!
Guild powers: Access to regular guild chat and the power to create events on the ingame calendar, access to most bank tabs

Newborn Star

Fresh recruits who have a month to see if the guild is suited for them or not. If they complete this trial successfully they will be invited to join the larger community. Newborn Stars are the fresh blood every guild needs. A healthy community is one that grows and adds compatible people at every occasion

Current occupants: ever in flux
Guild powers: Able to read and use guild chat, may deposit and withdraw from a few bank tabs


This rank is reserved for special situations like a member possibly being hacked or one that is due for removal for any reason. Rarely gets used, though this is the default rank on invite.

Current occupants: none
Guild powers: Can only read guild chat but not use it, no access to anything else

New Elder Whitestarians
Along with the clarification of our ranks, I'd like to also announce some overdue promotions that will take place later today. The following Whitestarians have been exemplary members of the guild and their contributions to both the WoW team and the community as a whole has not gone unnoticed. Exceptional loyalty is rewarded in this family! Congratulations (and shiny new Elder powers) go to:

@LunaDra aka Luna, for being a kind and caring person who definitely knows how to put a mog together with any kind of base you can imagine
@Cornilius aka Ed, for his excellent tanking and dps services despite his internet connection being made of string and smoke
@Vijo aka Vijo, for being the best damn Monk EU and proving to all that age is just a number as long as you know what the word maturity means
@Vordt.Ororyu aka Fizzy/Orson/Oro, for being a dependable and all-round entertaining presence who you might not notice at first but he is a Rogue after all
@Hultay aka Paul or Burning Fur, for his exceptional ability to play every role we need him to and for being a driving force behind our raiding team (by setting himself on fire and chasing us)

We salute you!