Dear members,
Thanks to all of you that have answered our Round Table August 2015 and participated to our guild meeting the 12 september and share your opinions and feedback. We have listened to you, and here are the decisions we have taken accordingly.

Officers will share the organization of weekly events spread in the week. Spontaneous event, and extra events will also be happening.
As we agreed within our Community, we will not organise MAJOR events on WOW-days.

  • Monday,20h: Fishing Trip (social event, all lvl)
  • Tuesday, 21h: Imperial City Night – Elloa stream (new dungeons, sewers, pvp etc...)
  • Wednesday: random event
  • Thursday, 21h: Adventure Night – Elloa stream (daily pledge, craglorn, pvp ....) OR
  • Thursday, 20h: Trials – Elloa stream (12 players +- Vet10)
  • Friday, 20h: Vae tipsy fun – Vaetilda stream (whatever she fancy to organise) OR
  • Friday, 20h: Trials (12 players +- Vet10)
  • Saturday: OFF
  • Sunday: random event

We ask lowbie members to initiate their own lowbie dungeon event when they want it to happen. Most of the officers and members in Whitestar play on their main character but have lowbie alts. It is however hard for us to plan lowbie Dungeons events, because it need to fit YOU, not US. So please, do not hesitate to organise your own lowbie group, either spontaneously, or on Anook. Do not forget to precise the role that are needed to complete your group and the level of the group. 5 level difference between members is okay. More than that someone will have little loot.

We will organise a weekly event. Alternatively on Thursday and Friday to fit a maximum of players. If we do not have enough members signed for the event 1hour before the event start, the event will be replaced by Dungeons runs. The days had been choosen to fit most of our members and be sure that everyone could participate if they wish to do so. However, if in future, we see that those days aren't the best fitting ones, we may have to change.
Note1: The Friday event will not be a Tipsy-Trial event. So please join the event with relative seriousness, calm, respect and focus.
Imperial City
Note2: If the event is Streamed, may it be by Elloa or Vaetilda, this will be warned in the title of the event. You can choose to not participate if you do not wish so. If you have an issue regarding playing in a large group and being streamed, you can contact me directly by PM, and I'll see what I can do best to accomodate everyone.

For now our home campaign is Asura Star. Asura Star is a active 30days campaign with all objectives rewarding alliance point. There is queues. A very good Yellow Emperor and a slight dominance from the yellow and the red. But Asura Star is also the most promising campaign in term of activity, and interesting combat.

However, we have decided that we wanted to accomodate all our members. So we will have 2 official campaigns, Asura as main campaign and a backup campaign, in case Asura is too full, or too dangerous to organise a fun event. We have not decided yet what would be our backup campaign.
If you have any suggestion, feel free to share your opinion.

We will organise PVP events in Sewers, District and Cyrodiil. We might not be able to tall in advance which area we will focus on, as it may depend of what's going on.
We have a lot of member that started to enjoy PVP more, so we will organise more PVP events in future, even on off hours.

May it be alt leveling, daily Dungeons, Tel Var stones farming, Cyrodiil...There will be always events that will be organised spontaneously by members on off hours. Would you be organising a spontaneous event and looking for more, we highly encourage you to share in in the TIP (Today I Play) and to hang out on TS, to invite other members to join you.

We have put a bit of order in our guild banks.

This will serve as platform of exchange. You can drop interesting item that you do not want and can serve other member, like set items or crafting materials stacked as high as possible.
The guild bank is NOT A GARBAGE. Do not drop your waste.
We aim to have a stack of all crafting materials to help our members to craft.
Our project is also to have a Trade Shop for crafting material exclusively. (see below for more infos)

Vault of Madness
Guild leader is @Superflyguy
This is our Crafting Material bank.

Whitestar Tavern
Responsible is @Vaetilda
She transfered all the materials in Vanult of Madness. That bank is not used anymore by Whitestar.

Ironbank of Whitestar
Guild leader is @torhagen
All the materials have been deconstructed and stored in the Vault of Madness. This can be used as extra storage. We do not have plans for it.

We have the project to open a trade store with Whitestar. Why? Just for the fun of the experience. The officers will put personal money to bid on the store for the first time, so you should not have any concerns that we are "wasting" gold for this experience.
Our goal is to have a Store specialized in Crafting materials + some rare stuff related to crafting. As our Store will be specialized, we will heavily promote it on forums, zone chat and other social media. We will be able to afford a very remote shop as we can hope to attract clients because of our specialization.
To make this project work, we will need your help. But there will be rules to be respected, as we are not opening a trading guild. We are opening a Guild Store and prices, size of the stack will be determined by ourselves, and everyone will have to follow the same prices, the same strategy.
Crafting materials by stack of 20, 100 and 200 (by 5 OR unit for rare materials/rune)
Price determined by the guild, and everyone follow the same prices
We will try to have stack of every crafting material in the game
We will need your help to sell the stack we have stored in the guild bank. The money you will gain from it need to go back to the guild bank obviously
We will need your help to stock or store with all sort of crafting materials, including lowbie crafting materials
The reputation of our guild store will come from our capability to store up all crafting materials, to have competitive prices.
Idea: we could even do some weekly promotion on some crafting materials, like in a RL shop. "This Week, 200 sandalwood for only 100g"

This is only a project for now. We need a bit more preparation to make it works.

I hope this summary was clear to understand, and that you are as excitted as I for the future of our guild in The Elder Scrolls Online.