Dear Whitestar members,

this is a prototype of a weekly/monthly FUN day I will activate for TODAY; Saturday the 19th, the RANDOM FUN DAY!

What will happen today?
You will have FUN! The random kind! There are several tasks you can take/pass, according to the guild activity you are in today. This FUN day is presented to you so you are not in the ordinary, the gaming routine is broken and you have extra fun with your guild members! There are several tasks you can do today, see the following:

General FUN tasks:

  • You are in TS? Talk in your native language all day!
  • You are a native speaker? Maybe you have an accent? Speak that one heavily all day!
  • If you wanna answer guild mates on Anook, answer in your language/accent.
  • Whisper a guild member you have rarely talked to before in the game you play: tell him/her to join you in the activity you are up or just say something random and nice!
  • If you wanna post a screenie on Anook today, add something funny in it, like a Nicholas Cage face mayhaps? ;)

(wow, googeling his name brought up weird images..)

  • [Choose a guild member after logging in you will whisper everything that is happening for a time you choose yourself. Like @Savian logs in and whispers @Aeyvi "Hello Aeyvi! According to the today's FUN event I will whisper you!" - everything that is happening or going through your head! Like:

"Now I am queueing for a raid. I hate random PUGs haha, but I need that one special item!"
"Now I get some breakfast. I love eggs but I don't have any. So I will eat bananas instead"

ESO fun tasks:
Today is a special FUN day! Our dearest member @Superflyguy has lost a fishing bet very closely! According to that he has to run through the sewers today, not killing enemies, he shall run NAKED so the enemies see the body of steel they are supposed to fear! Do not miss this spectacular event, guys!
WoW fun task:

  • Running a dungeon/raid today? If you are with guildmates, make sure to run circles around every dead boss and type /y BURN ENEMY! BURN!
  • If you are doing quests or dailies today, be sure to ran zig zag to irritate your foes and reduce the tracks you are leaving behind!

FInal Fantasy fun tasks:

  • War doesn't need fighters only: be a craftsman all day! Cut down trees, get some flowers or fish or food... mmmh, such a relaxing FUN day!
  • While being a craftsman keep telling a guild member what you got or experienced. Invite them over for a craft PARTY!

Feel free to choose one or multiple FUN tasks for this very random FUN day and have a wonderful Saturday :)