Early release this week because we got things recorded on time and I had little going on today so the editing was a breeze.

I finally managed to get Doone on the show after a little over a month, and though we had been trying for the past couple of weeks, his succubi children have drained him of all life. We have however found the solution! From now on we'll be playing some games together beforehand so that he'll stay awake to record. Seemed to work well this time anyhow.

So with Doone on the show that means it's time for Doone's Digital Frontier again, and of course that means having a more philosophical discussion about games, and this time we're tackling the Narrative. Not only the narrative of individual games and the stereotypical definition of narrative itself, but also the narrative of our steam libraries and what stories these lists tell about our personalities. Still with me? It will all make sense once you listen. Enjoy!