This week's show marks the last Digital Frontier of the year, as Doone informed us that along with being super busy with real life stuff and his expanded family, he knew that he'll be even more busy with the holidays coming. We'll probably be busier too, so don't be surprised if we take a week or two off when the holidays arrive.

The topic at hand for this show was the good, the bad and the ugly surrounding the gaming community, but as is usual during a Digital Frontier segment, we talk about all sorts of media and social constructs. Overall I'd say we agree that the gaming community could be better, but that it's not as bad as it could be either. There's still hope for improvement. We were a little more free form this time around, and did the whole show without notes, so hopefully it still sounds up to par with our usual efforts. Also, don't mind the static sounds coming from the background occasionally, apparently the storm of the century was going on at Eri's house while we were recording so you can pick that up a certain points in the show. With that said, we hope you enjoy, and as always feel free to leave commentary where appropriate.