Each of our Whitestar guilds are independent, lead by a different leader with a different personality, and are shaped by different members. It's not a surprise that our three guilds are a bit different and do not have exactly the same atmosphere or purpose.
However, and this the very reason of the existence of the Council, our guilds share a common structure , goal, and direction. As a reminder...

Whitestar is a community before being a guild
This means that as Guild Leaders, we will lead our guilds keeping the community in mind as our primary goal. We pay attention beyond the happiness of our guild members and our activities in the game itself. We ensure that any of our members can jump from one game to another and still feel at home. We encourage cross game friendship and try to build bridges to create bonds between our members no matter the guild they belong to. And sometimes this leads us to take decisions while thinking about the Community benefit before one guild benefit. For example: the Discord-TS debate is considered from a Community perspective rather than a guild perspective because it's a tool that will influence and help us with our primary goal.
This mean that as members you will be constantly encouraged to bond with other members even if you do not play the same game. But nothing will be forced on you. Be assured that you will not be frowned upon if you simply want to share your time with your guildmates. We respect your freedom of choice. But expect to be poked regularly and encouraged to participate in our community activities.

Whitestar is not elitist, Whitestar is not slacking
Whitestar gathers many types of players. Some are very skilled, very knowledgeable in their game, and could be a brilliant member in a hardcore guild. Some of our members are clumsy, or shy, or less skilled. And some of our members are simply playing a game to have fun and refuse to bother with optimization and high performance.
We lead our guilds in a way to ensure everyone will feel comfortable, feel worthy and at home. We want to help our members to explore themselves and push their limit at their own pace rather than imposing upon them a playstyle that would not fit them.
However, we also want explore the content of the game we play and challenge ourselves. For this reason we do organise different types of activities. Some are relaxed and do not require particular skills and are meant to socialize and have fun. Some others require certain skill levels and preparation and allow the guild to progress and overcome challenges. Those activities will be clearly presented with the requirement and expectations so there will be no confusion in what our members are signing up for.
This means as members you are welcome in Whitestar, no matter how skilled you are in the game you play. It also means that you are asked to be respectful, patient, and tolerant towards other members. Do not enforce your own vision of how the game should be played but offer your help if asked. In the meantime understand that some of our activities might not be meant for you.

Whitestar guilds are social before anything else
This means that we always think about the wellbeing of our members, the friendship, and the socialization rather than some ingame achievement such as raiding progression or PVP success.
This influences the way we recruit our members (personality over skills), organise our ranking, banking systems, and activities.
We will never sacrifice socialization for better progression. This also means that our guilds will be less efficient than pure progressing or PVP guilds and that our task as guild leaders will be more complicated. This is something we have to acknowledge and accept.
This also means that we will pay a lot of attention to how our members behave toward each others. We may be very forgiving towards certain behaviors but extremely firm on anything that relates to relationships. We will not tolerate exclusion, badmouthing, mockery or lack of respect and patience towards other members.

Joy - Love -Truth
This is our Triforce. Our values. How we intent to lead our guilds. How we expect our members to behave. No matter the games we play or do not play.