Hereby I'd like to share part of the background story I wrote for my DnD character Phaelynn. It's my very first try at DnD and we had our first session last saturday. The GM did an awesome job in setting the scene and drawing all the characters, maps and nice details! I must admit I wasn't the best in responding in character on the spot, but I'm sure I'll grow into it :)

The air in the small cavern was damp and the smell hinted of decay. The soft light came from two different sources. The blueish hue came from the top of a thin staff resting on the side of a crude table. The brighter source came from a jar on the table which held a small pixie imprisoned. She leaned against the inside, her arms crossed and her eyes intently followed the hands of the mage as he traced an intricate pattern with a piece of chalk on the humanoid skull in front of him while incantating his spell in deep concentration. This went on for long moments and the fay grew a little bored of the scene, though her eyes never wandered far.

A ticking sound drew her attention back to the table. The skull was first rocking and then started shaking more and more violently on the table. A light emerged from the hollow sockets and their beams shone directly in the mage's eyes, whom's head snapped backwards. He let out a shrilled scream as his hands covered his ears. The skull started spinning faster and faster and lifted up from the table. The light from the sockets circled over the walls of the cave, faster and faster until it was one steady bright light beam and engulfed the mage. As sudden as the rocking had started it disappeared along with both the skull, the mage, a loud crack which was followed by a gust of wind which slammed both the jar, the staff and some other table arrangements against the wall of the cave. The jar broke as it hit the stone wall and both the glass pieces as the fay within fell to the floor. She didn't move.

A wet tongue woke her. She drowsily opened her eyes. It took a moment for her to remember the horrific event that had just taken place. "Raphael!!" She gently pushed the cat away, hoping that it all somehow had been a nightmare and her master was still sitting at the table. He was gone. The seat was pushed over and the light of his staff had gone out.