Greetings everyone,

Some days ago, we have published a thread called Whitestar may evolve, no one will be left behind. And since then the Council is actively discussing different solutions to help every members to feel at home. The solution we have ended by agreeing on is to create a lit of things YOU CAN DO to help us!

The following list are ideas and suggestions of what you can do to actively help the Community. This is by no means obligations that we expect you to accomplish. But more you will act, better the Community will become. So, when you are in the mood, when you feel like it, please, pick up one of those ideas and help Whitestar to be the cozy home for all that it's meant to be.

  • Welcome new applicants and ask them questions. We need to discover who they are, and put them at ease. After all, they might become our guildmates! (note: for now our recruitment is closed)
  • Help new members to get well introduced in the community. Make them feel part of the family. Give them some tip of how to use Anook or Discord, and help them in game to settle
  • Support your fellow guildmates by commenting their post, screenshots, videos, or by visiting our TwitchTv channel
  • Try to play with members you know less to discover who they are.
  • Try to keep the guild chats active, by sharing a comment once in a while, especially if you are using a voice chat. That will keep the guild active and dynamic even for the players that are only in game.
  • Have you noticed someone that participate rarely to events, or that do not share much? Maybe poke that person, and ask him/her if he need your assistance.
  • Is it a very long time you have not seen or heard about X member? Sent this person a private message to ask him some news. It's always pleasant to know we are missed.
  • Do you find the guild a bit quiet and less active than it once was? Try to organise some event, may it be improvised, or organised on Anook. Do not hesitate to contact people via Discord. Sometimes some members play other game, but would be very happy to tag along if they knew something special happen.
  • Try to not be exclusive to only certain people. Others deserve your friendship too and you might find great friends where you weren't expecting it!


The Council have opened a special "secret" forum where we can find solutions for any sort of issues you may have and don't want to share publically.
If you have an issue, you can contact the Council/Elder of your choosing, and sent a private message. You will be asked if you allow the message to be quoted in the special forum, if you want to keep your anonymity (your message will be rephrased to ensure it) or if you don't want your message to be shared AT ALL. The Councill is bound to respect this but please, be aware that message that can't be shared significantly reduce the spectrum of possible solutions

Our goal is simply to allow each of our members that have conc.erns or issues to share it knowing that it will be treated with respect and discretion. We want to work on solutions to keep our community the pleasant, reassuring, respectful and loving place it's supposed to be. We want to ensure that no one will be hurt, and that everyone can be a happy star!

As reminder, you can read this post related to DISPUTE and how to deal with them